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eco burial capsuleseco burial capsules

Eco Burial Pods Becoming More Popular

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Most of us try to live our lives as green as possible but now there’s a way to continue to be green after death — literally.

Thanks to Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, humans’ bodies can be placed into a pod that will nourish a tree on top of it after it’s buried.

The Capsula Mundi places the deceased (ironically) in the fetal position inside of a biodegradable capsule. As the body decomposes, it serves as nutrients for the tree stemming from it. Those interested in getting a pod of their own can choose from 20 different types of trees before they die.

“The tree represents the union between the earth and the sky, material and immaterial, body and soul,” Citelli and Bretzel wrote in an email to The New York Daily News. “Over the world, governments attitude to our approach is becoming more and more open.”

In their native Italy, however, that form of burial is still not allowed, though the designers are trying to pass legislation to change that. Despite that hiccup, both say that since the idea was presented to the public in 2003, their popularity has been growing and that they “have plenty of people inquiring.”

While the process does look as green as it gets, Tony Hale, who co-directed “A Will for the Woods,” a documentary about green burials, says it isn’t quite as eco-friendly as it could be if the decomposing body was lying down instead of in the vertical position. Still, “Capsula Mundi pods do a great job in encouraging a much-needed cultural shift,” he said.

Eco burial pods, vegan hunting trophies. The Italians are on fire when it comes to green lifestyle solutions!

Via The New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Capsula Mundi

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  • Shroudwoman

    HOW does a funeral professional or home funeral person place the deceased inside this pod? From what opening in the pod? At what TIME? 10 minutes after death? 1 hour after death? 2 days after death? HOW MUCH DO THE PODS COST? They never say …..The body would have to be rolled up in to the fetal position immediately after death before the rigor mortis process began and after the body has been purged. It would have to be set in the center of the largest part of the pod and the top placed on top .Whose going to do that ? These Italian designers? A funeral director in Des Moines? As a green burial professional for the past 10 years i’ve seen this lovely graphic “idea” for awhile now. It is not new. This is an elegant intellectual idea that absolutely does not translate into actually deathcare. Whereas ,say THESE elegant 100% biodegradable products (http://kinkaraco.com/ ) have worked in green burial for over 10 years in ANY Death situation and hundreds of green burials since they debuted on SIX FEET UNDER in 2005. Just plant a tree on top! ( A gorgeous intellectual design means nothing if it has no practical application that can actually work with the public.)

  • Kersten Velez

    Isn’t burying a person in a plain pine box green too? Or just get cremated? Then plant a tree in memory of your loved one. This just seems like an overkill or a way to overcharge the grief ridden.

    • Dick Head

      Putting a coffin in the ground is not as green as planting a tree. Do you know what kind of nutrients a human body gives off when it decomposes? Do you know what happens to the surrounding areas, trees, shrubs, flowers, whatever shrubbery you prefer, when those nutrients are allowed to absorb into the soil? Okay, be quiet, Kersten.

  • Crissabelle

    How much would this cost?

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