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A Texas veterinarian, who posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding up a dead cat she claims to have killed with a bow and arrow, has been fired.A Texas veterinarian, who posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding up a dead cat she claims to have killed with a bow and arrow, has been fired.

Texas Vet Fired For Killing Cat With Bow and Arrow

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A Texas veterinarian, who posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding up a dead cat she claims to have killed with a bow and arrow, has been fired.

“My first bow kill [cat emoji] lol,” read the photo’s caption, which was uploaded to Dr. Kristen Lindsey’s Facebook page on Wednesday. “The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award … gladly accepted.”

Lindsey has since taken down the horrifying image, but it’s already been screencapped and shared throughout social media, prompting an outcry from animal lovers worldwide, as well as an investigation by the Austin Sheriff’s Department.

On Friday it was announced that Lindsey had been fired from her position at the Washington Animal Clinic.

“You hope it isn’t true and then you find out that it may be,” said Dr. Bruce Buenger, co-owner of the animal hospital, to KHOU. “So then you just have to do what’s right. We researched it, did some soul-searching and this morning decided to terminate her employment with the clinic.”

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association and Colorado State University, where Lindsey earned her doctorate, have also condemned the disgusting photo.

“At Colorado State University, we join the veterinary clinic that earlier employed this individual, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and countless others who strongly decry the grotesque actions and comments displayed in that post,” reads a letter sent to students from the dean of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. “We trust that the Austin County Sheriff’s Office will continue its investigation of the case, and that the case will be appropriately adjudicated through both the law-enforcement system and the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.”

Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions asking for the veterinarian’s license to be revoked. Others are insisting that the cat isn’t feral, but someone’s pet who had been missing.

On Monday, a Facebook page called Justice for Cat Murdered By Kristen Lindsey, was set up. The murdered cat is believed to be “Tiger,” who went missing shortly before Lindsey’s photo was posted, according to his cat-sitter, Amy Hemsell.

We hope that justice prevails for this poor cat, and that Lindsey is never allowed to treat another animal ever again.

We also think it’s time for another Ricky Gervais showdown.

Via CBC News

Photo: Facebook.com/JusticeforTiger

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  • umyeahyourestupid

    revoke her license permanently, please

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