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Gayle King recently visited the Jon and Tracey Stewart's New Jersey farm, and it turns out the couple loves pit bulls just as much as their farm animals.Gayle King recently visited the Jon and Tracey Stewart's New Jersey farm, and it turns out the couple loves pit bulls just as much as their farm animals.

Jon Stewart Gears Up For Greener Pastures of The Farm Variety

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Jon Stewart recently purchased a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from cruelty.

The news comes just as the talk show host prepares for the end of his 16-year run on “The Daily Show.”

Stewart has never shied from controversy, especially when it comes to animal rights and environmental issues. He’s ripped apart climate change deniers and factory farms.

Stewart’s commitment to animal advocacy, particular relating to farm animals, comes as no surprise. Earlier this month, Stewart interviewed Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, in which Baur discussed his latest book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.

Then, of course, Stewart’s wife, Tracey, is also an avid supporter of farm animals’ rights. She discovered Farm Sanctuary after reading Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, Baur’s 2008 account of the conception and evolution of the organization. The book inspired Tracey to reach out. Initially, it was to find stories for her own upcoming book Do Unto Animals, and her magazine, Moomah, but she soon found herself becoming more involved with supporting farm animals. She Farm Sanctuary’s annual Farm Animal Care Conference at their New York Shelter, and brought her children to meet the animals at their Southern California Shelter.

Prior to the Stewart’s new farm purchase, Tracey, a vegan, had gifted Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests. Regular visits to the farms are normal for the Stewart children “after homework,” notes Tracey.

“The joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing,” says Tracey in a press release. “A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.”

Because of these reasons, the organization has named two rescued sheep Jon and Tracey in their honor. The Stewarts will be further recognized at a Gala on October 24 2015 in New York City.

Looks like Jon will have lots to do on the farm during his “retirement.”

Congrats, Jon and Tracey!

Photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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  • Sarah Joan

    If he wants to learn how its done there is a place nearby me that saves animals and recently saved many horses from a house down my street

  • Teresa Gubbins

    What awesome people they are!

  • John Mooter

    Kudos…and a vegan world is possible.

    • TheSubUrbanRhino

      The poor misguided vegan.
      The ones who push for more manmade products in our landfills….

      • Alicia Byrne

        Manmade? You mean like fruit and vegetables? The packaging on your meat fills more landfill than anything a vegan could produce.

        • TheSubUrbanRhino

          So you are good with furs and leathers.. very progressive.

          • Alicia Byrne

            Where did I mention fur or leather? If you actually had a clue you’d know that vegans don’t use either. Or wool, or silk. I have no desire to discuss this with you, because clearly your only intention here is to bait the vegans.

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            er..that was my point.
            But anyways, really I had no intention of baiting anyone and had no reason to believe anyone would reply.
            I was just commenting…

          • MMA Vegan

            You were just being a bully. I don’t blame you for your ignorance about the facts of the mass pollution of animal agriculture, but then there are your mean comments.

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            Just throwing around the “bully” label like that doesn’t do any favours to those really being bullied. It cheapens it like the proverbial boy who cried wolf.

          • MMA Vegan

            You came on here putting people down with ridiculous accusations. It was negative, whining, picking apart unfairly something you don’t even understand, and passive aggressive at best. That is verbal bullying. You don’t need to educate me on what is and is not bullying. What you need to do, is look in the mirror and see how you treat other people.

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            You mean like you are doing?
            All I did was point out the fact that when we use natural products like furs that will biodegrade back into nature,as the cycle should be. When you use man-made materials they end up in landfils. Vegans are good intentioned but misguided.

          • MMA Vegan

            No, I was defending after your initial verbal attack. John made a positive comment and you just had to go and put him and vegans down. Leather is not biodegradable, it’s extremely toxic because of the tanning process. And surely, it’s not a good deal to the animal who it was taken from. Can I use your skin for a purse or unnecessary piece of clothing, if it’s biodegradable? Would that be okay with you?

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            We are part of the animal kingdom , we like most animals eat others, as it should be.

          • MMA Vegan

            We don’t need to eat other animals or their byproducts, or buy cosmetics and cleaning products which were tortured on them or made of them, etc. Because we don’t need to, then it’s reasonable to not do so. If humans were obligate carnivores and we needed to use other animals then there would be no argument. But we’re not. We’re also supposed to have an evolved sense of empathy and reasoning. So let’s use it! Since we *can* avoid causing a whole lot of the mass destruction, violence, confinement, crimes against nature basically, and straight up torture and abuse – shouldn’t we? And if you argue that we should still do these things when they are totally unnecessary for us to do, why? Other than “because it’s natural”? Many things that are “natural” are not cool and we have laws against them. Becoming more reasonable and compassionate is part of our evolution. If we don’t let go of apathy now and do something about it, we’re just going to die off with the rest of this amazing planet.

          • Joshua James

            This might seem like a stretch, but you’re commenting using a petroleum and steal-based electronic device using third-world gold wiring mined by abused workers over an international network of strip-mined materials with a picture of yourself playing a dead tree meant, not as a tool of need, but as one of amusement, all the while bloviating about “crimes against nature”. Your white, first-world privilege has just been checked.

          • MMA Vegan

            And now let me help you check your assumptions. Just because we still have an impact on the planet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can to minimize it. Pretty sure I care more than.. almost everyone else.. about how our electronics are made (and run, for example mine is run on renewable energy including my website), both in terms of the environment and the people who are used to create them. This is why I buy (or find) almost everything I “own” used instead of new. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s more thorough and is more strict about this. When it comes to my guitar(s), they are also acquired used, not new – with the exception of my one guitar I have from 12 years ago, when I wasn’t yet vegan and wasn’t yet putting in lots of effort to minimize my impact. What use is it to blame ourselves for our past as mindless consumers? What matters is we’re here now and can do better now. Oh, and it’s a toy for amusement? As amusing as it is, my guitar is my living, I’m a professional musician. It’s how I feed and house myself, thanks. Being in the first world is irrelevant here other than that I fully understand and appreciate my privilege, and how eating animal products continuously is wasteful first-world overconsumption. Consuming animal products consumes 10x more in land and resources (and pollution), all of which affects people in “developing” nations the most, and we’d have plenty of food for them otherwise. As someone who moved out and started working early and living on next to nothing going hungry sometimes, and with a partner who was vegan even while homeless for several years, I fully understand these matters. And I am very much aware that other people elsewhere have had it worse and I’m lucky to be where I am so that I was able to pick myself up out of that situation and make a better life for myself. Though I did go vegan when I was living off of next to nothing and dumpster diving. Funny that this became all about defending myself from personal attacks, instead of discussing the issues at hand. I shouldn’t be playing into that but I’ll leave this up just so you can understand that you’ll do better with less naive assumptions about everyone you meet. If you have anything to actually discuss here, as in, scientific data or non-aggressive ideas and questions that don’t include ad hominem attacks, go for it I’m all ears. Otherwise please just keep it to yourself and do some reading. From this moment on I’m only willing to engage in actual discussions about topics, from people who are legitimately seeking answers about the world and not wasting my time defending from unknown butthurts online. So thanks for helping me come to that.

            * Edit: While you’re busy criticizing about someone’s instrument which is their livelihood, do you even realize how many trees are cut down for animal products, how much land and habitat forever destroyed? Animal products, which (especially if you are sitting on a computer, as you pointed out) are an entirely unnecessary, privileged luxury? Which we all subsidize with our taxes because they are that inefficient and wasteful to produce? Heh.

          • Joshua James

            I suppose my tongue was too far in my cheek to be noticed on some of that, so forgive what you took as a string of personal jabs. I honestly don’t care where your, or anyone else’s products are sorced. I was simply flipping that oh-so-favorite game invented by folks closer to your ideological persuasion, whereby subject A is forced to explain their personal choices to subject B. Your life and choices don’t seem to resemble mine one ioda, but you seem passionately dedicated to what you feel is right, and I certainly feel that is far more commendable than the ubiquitous moral apathy displayed my most. Please forgive my trolling, you were very reasonable in your response.

            P.S. You don’t need to explain yourself to strangers. It’s your life.

          • MMA Vegan

            For the record, I don’t buy any new clothing. Many vegans are among the most environmentally conscious people there are. I intentionally consume far, far less than the vast majority of people. Besides the fact that not consuming animals and their byproducts means I use about 10 times less resources than non-vegans (I’m not making this up, you can look it up, and animals don’t grow on air). I also recognize how just being human and brought up in a consumerist society means I still always have an impact on the environment. Being vegan greatly minimizes that. I refuse to use plastic wherever possible. Even things like paper napkins, I just can’t deal with it any more. So much unnecessary use. ALL of my furniture and belongings are second hand, recycled and recovered. This is a very very big deal to me so don’t make assumptions and lecture me about it. My boyfriend and I are both very much into sustainable and minimalist living, far more than even most vegans, and veganism is a huge part of that sustainable living. No, just being vegan does not mean you are perfect without any impact on the environment. But it is an essential part of reaching that goal. It’s the very first step.

          • MMA Vegan

            Do you go around telling people who are saving children from diseases or some other humanitarian effort, trying to make them feel bad with shit like “Oh you put manmade products in our landfills too. You’re not perfect superhumans in your own life (cheapening your cause and making it worthless)?” That is basically what you sound like to us. You’re putting down people who are acting out of compassion and have big hearts. Don’t you have something better to do?

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            Animals need to have their populations kept in check due to diseases and food supplies. It would be cruel to let them become overpopulated. Watch”The Lion King” to learn about the” Circle of Life”.

          • MMA Vegan

            Ecosystems manage checks and balances just fine without humans interfering. In fact, the ecosystems wouldn’t be completely demolished now if the *human* population was kept in check! The biggest destruction of natural habitat and ecosystems comes from humans using animals and animal products.

          • TheSubUrbanRhino

            You don’t seriously believe being a vegan is comparable to people who save children from diseases? Really?
            How dare you belittle these other people’s efforts…

          • MMA Vegan

            You missed my entire point. It was, do you go around telling people who are doing other good deeds, that because they are not perfect superhuman faeries who have no impact on the environment whatsoever, that their efforts are pointless? That is very belittling. So accusing me of that is entirely projection. It’s the reason why I spoke up in the first place, you were belittling vegans and our efforts in the first place. You.

            Fully read what I write this time without immediate prejudice, instead of putting words and thoughts and intentions into my mouth when they are not there:

            I am absolutely NOT belittling other people’s efforts (and I happen to be a humanitarian too, since I was very little, when and where nobody else cared). I was just giving an example of other good deeds. Good deeds (whether you’re saving/helping non-human animals, or humans) are good, and it’s not appropriate to bash them. It comes off as very mean-spirited even if you don’t intend it that way (I recognize that it’s an emotional defence mechanism). The end result is still verbal bullying and collectively, cultural ostracism. To be harshly critical towards others because they are gentle and respectful towards animals? Come on. You must feel threatened by it somehow otherwise you’d have no problem with it and wouldn’t have trolled in the first place.

            The reason you feel that I am belittling humans who are doing good deeds for humans by comparing it to doing good deeds for non-human animals – is because you believe that we’re above the rest of the planet and the planet itself. For people who see just how interconnected and interdependent we are, and that it’s not all about me myself I and us we ourselves and our own species and own race and own family, and are not putting ourselves on a pedestal above all others – it’s a fair comparison. In fact, veganism literally saves humans as well from diseases and frees up tons of resources and farm land which could be used to end world hunger. There are simply too many humans on Earth right now to keep wasting our resources on animal agriculture. A vegan world (or more percentage of the population being vegan) would benefit humans, as well.

            Nobody is being belittled here. Not humans, not other animals. You feel that I am belittling humans, because you didn’t consider that I’m simply raising up the other animals WITHOUT lowering humans. I am NO better than other animals, and other species are not above us either. (In fact, it’s only humans who are destroying the world, no other animals, and we are harming ourselves in the process too. We are definitely not above all other life on Earth. But that’s a different discussion)

            Nobody is being lowered. If you can let go of pride and defensiveness for one moment you’ll be able to see that. You’re not under attack.

            A black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is still a black belt, even when someone else becomes a black belt too. their skill level is not lowered by other people’s skill levels. And it’s up to them to feel threatened by it or not. Or, they can embrace the other black belt as someone to communicate with and try to gain more understanding of Jiu Jitsu (or the world around them). Sorry.. I just came from training and this is the analogy I can think of. 🙂

        • fearnot

          what vegans don’t buy veggies in plastic bags?

  • Patima

    Thank you John and Tracey! You rock!

  • Salvatore Monella

    This is good, though Jon Stewart sort of lost his critical thinking starting back about 3-4 years ago. I am no longer a big fan of his.

  • 12banjo

    But no love for unborn babies from the Hipster Comedians. They can just be abandoned and killed in pain and loneliness.

    • Marysia

      Can anyone not have a cause other than anti abortion? Farm animals are the most abused and forsaken souls on this planet. No one is disputing the right to life but this platform is no less important so please let’s keep it to the topic at hand.

      • 12banjo

        Stewart made a career out of ridiculing those “fetus lovers”…now he’s a saint because he wants to give a legless chicken a wheelchair?

    • BigGCount .

      Who the f are you talking about so just because women have a right to choose an abortion which is a god given right and a right of women not a liberal right a human right you condemn democrat’s? Hipster comedians? oh did the poor isolationist and Nazi get a bad joke on him yesterday? this is about animal rights and humane treatment of animals? being one yourself i would think you would appreciate him.

      • 12banjo

        Judging by your coherence and grammar, dare I assume you are a writer for the Daily Show?

        • BigGCount .

          No just an intelligent person

    • M E

      That’s great if that is YOUR cause. We each find the causes that are near and dear to our own heart, but why do people like you have to knock ANYone for doing good? It’s just because it isn’t YOUR cause? Do breast cancer research advocates get on social media and send personal digs at people advocating for prostate cancer research? It’s so small minded, and a bit narcissistic–“the only thing that is important is what *I* deem important*–I don’t get it. If this is YOUR cause then go out on YOUR own time and be POSITIVE about sending whatever YOUR message is…don’t knock other decent people for supporting what is near and dear to them. It’s just plain mean and certainly not very enlightened.

      • fearnot

        vegans are also almost 100% anti animal research so take that to the hospital when you go ( and yes even vegans get sick)

    • coolmtnman

      vegans don’t have abortions. If you worship a God that has killed millions of babies then shut the fuck up

      • wen

        let me tell you a secret: there’s no god.

      • fearnot

        that is because too much tofu makes you sterile a good thing in my opinion for vegans.. so tofu on

  • Kathy T

    Thank you Jon & Tracey! Doing wonderful things for the animals that suffer so horribly in the meat & dairy industry.

    • MMA Vegan

      And especially the egg industry.

  • BigGCount .

    Amazing how the haters will always hate. This guy is truly a humanitarian but the haters will still hate because he makes the silly republicans and some democrats look they way they should foolish.

  • I just thought he was hilarious… but then I remembered that the most curious and funny mammals are the most evolved. I look at Sylvie Earle who is making huge sactuaries in the oceans where NO-ONE is allowed to dump or fish. We are moving into an age of enlightenment

    • Michael Peterson


    • hashtag orks

      “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

    • larsp

      a marine sanctuary cannot stop pollution from invading its space

  • AnnieC

    I didn’t realize my love for Job Stewart could grow ANY BIGGER but it just did! A great new chapter for him and his family. Wish I could visit the farm!!

  • turtlegirl

    I swear I didn’t think I could love this man any more than I already did. He (and his lovely wife) just proved me wrong. What wonderful humans they are, and I am so excited for them on this new adventure in their lives. Their children are so blessed!

    • Michael Peterson

      Ditto ditto ditto! Anyone who is an advocate of animals is #1 on my list!

  • Michael Medric

    This is great news!

  • ireneshh

    this article needs an editor to go through all the grammatical errors

    • Dearhart

      Do tell, what are all the grammatical errors (besides a missing word, “attended”)?

      • ireneshh

        Per your request:

        Then, of course, Stewart’s wife, Tracey, is also an avid supporter of farm animals’ rights. (??)

        Prior to the Stewart’s new farm purchase… (Should be “the Stewarts’ ” or just “Stewart’s” — can’t be both)

        Stewart’s commitment to animal advocacy, particular relating to farm animals, comes as no surprise. (Particularly)

        Prior to the Stewart’s new farm purchase, Tracey, a vegan, had gifted Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests. (Same issue with pluralizing the Stewarts’ name. Also, you don’t gift something FOR people, you gift things TO people. A gift is FOR someone when used as a noun.)

        • Mongo

          Hahaha! I love the arrogant tone of “Do tell”. Thank you for this response.

        • Janet

          I’m glad you pointed out those errors. I couldn’t read it until you corrected it for me.

    • FelineCool

      Jeez, get a life…

      • ireneshh

        When did it become too much to ask for an article that’s been proof-read and edited? Jeez, have some standards.

  • Trae Chiancola

    Way to go Jon!

  • BeautifulBC

    Fantastic, pigs, cows, chickens are all very sweet, lovely animals whom are very capable of caring bonds with humans. We had a pet pig, on my aunt and uncles hobby farm, named Alexander. He was super smart, he always knew what mood I was in, he would in his sweet pig way comfort me if I was upset. I absolutely support Jon and Tracy’s farm sanctuary goals, as well meat is not healthy, it is full of saturated fat and the protein is difficult for the human digestive tract to assimilate.
    Many top global athletes are vegan for performance and compassionate reasons. ie. Number one tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams are 005 vegan they say they love animals and they are at their athletic best as vegans. They look super strong and healthy. There is no credible reason to eat meat at all. All the best to all!

  • ziggypop

    Bravo to Jon! Brava to Tracey! Rock on setting an example of compassion and kindness!

  • Caiti Jayne

    This is amazing! So happy! They are truly doing a service. – Fellow vegan

  • Helen Tam-Semmens

    A vegan world just makes sense – better for our health, better for our environment, and certainly better for the animals.

    • susanne

      I agree with you. I just wish animals didn’t taste so damn good. I am cutting down though!

      • Helen Tam-Semmens

        Concerning taste, it is really a habit and can easily be changed, based on my own experience. I found that my tastes just blossomed after I became a vegan. Everything just tastes better. It didn’t happen when I was a teetering vegetarian and still ate meat occasionally though. My health also improved dramatically with vegan diet, with my autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis and IBS just simply disappeared.

        That’s why I personally have no doubt that we humans are meant to eat plants. Eating meat and dairy has been a big collective mistake.

        • susanne

          I appreciate your heartfelt encouragement!

          • MMA Vegan

            I’m quite a foodie too and that happened after I went vegan! My health and fitness are doing great too. Thank you for caring about animals and the environment. If you ever need any infos or help hit me up. 🙂

        • fearnot

          LOL uh huh since the beginning of time LOL

    • fearnot

      better for what animals?/ the ones we will no longer have..if we have no more say cows is that ok with you or do you just think people will have “pet cows” in their yards? If you think people will still have cats who will kill the other animals they need to live? Will you still be able to buy cat food at the store? because someone has to KILL the animal the cat will eat..

      • coolmtnman

        I use vegan cat food easily obtained on the internet

        • fearnot

          you probably do not let you cat outside either but if you do you can be sure his/her diet is not entirely vegan

          • MMA Vegan

            Stop being so meanspirited, fearnot. You’re always trying to get a “gotcha, hypocritical vegan!” aren’t you? coolmtnman and Helen Tam-Semmens are just trying to make the world a better place and walk their talk when it comes to conscience and compassion. Cool down. And we do not “have” cows, they are not ours, and neither are all the wild animals whose habitat was robbed from them so that we could use it for cows. If the cows were not there, the other dwindling wild animal populations would move back in with our nurturing of their ecosystems and responsibility. And/or we can make better use of that land to benefit the whole world.

  • Dakota Huseby

    Jon Stewart is Rick Grimes during his farmer period. It’s just a matter of time now before he rips out someone’s throat with his teeth.

  • Margie R.

    Yeah well I live down the street from his new acquisition, and believe me, he’s already gotten off on the wrong foot. Stewart’s people were moving in ENORMOUS shelters, too big for the main road, and too big for the very rough and unpaved road, and too heavy for the small bridge they had to pass over. in the process, the bridge gave way, and his shelters were stuck while the locals had to be detoured around this mess. Now, the road is closed for at least 5 weeks while the county repairs, at our expense, the damage his village idiots did moving in his chance to save animals. I don’t recall an apology, and neither do his new neighbors. Next time, Mr Stewart, send proper people out, with proper aforethought about your new home, so that we don’t have to be so put out while you save the world.

    • Louis DeGeorge

      I also live down the street . He didn’t have anything to do with chapel hill road being damaged .

  • Virgo903

    Where in New Jersey is their farm?

    • Louis DeGeorge


  • coolmtnman


  • Diane Daly

    I absolutely bow to your beautiful souls Tracey and Jon…..the sanctuary is something ive always wanted to do. I don’t have the resources but have a big enough heart for every animal. Were I closer to you, I would gladly volunteer all my time. Tracey…Jon save d me from my second bout with Cancer which had metastisized to bone. I have high respect and love for you and your family. If you have a website, magazine – anything – count me in. From one Animal Lover (completely) to another……thank you. !!!!!

  • Audrey Difrancesco Hart

    Thank you Stewarts for standing up to big agriculture!! Go forth and tell the world the truth about farm animals and how they are treated!!

  • Cindy McGaughey Moon

    These people don’t have a clue.

  • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

    Based on the movie Scrapple.

    • turtlegirl

      Not sure that’s true, but I sure love that movie! Not too many people know about it, surprised I saw it mentioned here. This way—-> to Hog Heaven 🙂

      • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

        I stalked your comment history and I approve of you very much. It was indeed an interesting movie, and I had just seen it before making that comment.

        • turtlegirl

          Thank you. I picked it up, along with the soundtrack ( a must-have for any road trip!) at the 1999 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, where I’d been a volunteer for a couple years. I imagine I’ve seen it over a dozen times since then, and I love how they used a lot of locals in the movie. Hard to find now; I was very fortunate to be able to track down another copy of the soundtrack last year, as I wore out my first one 🙂 Cheers!

  • Pete (No Known Last Name)

    I wish I could retire and save a bunch of animals…

  • Another tax dodge. Democrats have no shame. They preach one thing, and then they do the complete opposite.

    Funny enough all the mouth-breathing uneducated democrats fall right in line and pull on John Lebowitz’s trousers.

  • vanceco

    an idyllic and hopefully MUCH less stressful life with the family he loves, that he has definitely earned. more power to the man- i wish that i had the resources to do the same.
    Thank-You Jon Stewart, for ALL you have done for us all, and will be doing for animals in the future. Best of luck.

  • Betty Clark

    I wish them all the best in this endeavor. I share their passion for these animals.

  • TheSubUrbanRhino

    “Jon Stewart recently purchased a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from cruelty”..
    But don’t tell anyone as I am sure he isn’t seeking any attention or praise….

  • Rivergull

    This is such great news!!!!!!! The farm animals will be very happy … laughing cows, rollicking pigs, lovable lambs. Can’t wait to hear where the Jon Stewart animal sanctuary will be located in NJ.

    • fearnot

      whoa wait a minute where will he get lambs.. “sanctuaries ” do not let animals reproduce

  • Peter K

    He’s a nice guy. Can he go back to his real name now he’s out of showbiz? Would help him seem more genuine.

  • LoveYourDNA

    I love Jon even more now!

  • Bonnie

    I always wondered about Jon’s wife. Elated to know she’s beautiful inside and out — like Jon.
    I’m animal rights in Nebraska, belly of the beast, and I live for 10 p.m., Jon’s show, and 9 p.m. Fridays for Bill Maher. What am I going to do when Jon leaves?

    • fearnot

      you mean the Bill Maher who would rather see your father die than use animal is research yeah such a great guy

  • fearnot

    most “sanctuaries” have all of the animals castrated.. they do not allow the most basic of the animals rights to the animals the right to reproduce. Vegans use no animals so that in fact there will be no more domestic animals if there is a “vegan world’..that is their goal .the elimination of all domestic animals. Since all domestic cats must eat meat there will be no more cats as pets for anyone, dogs to are basically carnivores so no more of them either, “pet cows, sheep and goats etc are the venue of the rich. Only they have the space and time and money to keep these animals for their own personal pleasure and, of course, no one else should be allowed to have them.

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