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Outspoken vegan Heather Mills is planning a comeback of sorts: she wants to turn Britain vegan by opening 25 vegan delis across the U.K.Outspoken vegan Heather Mills is planning a comeback of sorts: she wants to turn Britain vegan by opening 25 vegan delis across the U.K.

Heather Mills is Opening 25 Vegan Delis Across the U.K.

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Outspoken vegan Heather Mills is planning a comeback of sorts: she wants to turn Britain vegan by opening 25 vegan delis across the U.K.

Mills, who started following a vegan diet after an accident with a police motorcyclist in 1993, which resulted in her left leg being amputated below the knee, recently opened her vegan deli, VBites, in Chester, England.

Mills previously had a former incarnation of VBites back in 2010, which ultimately closed. But it seems now that the Paul McCartney’s ex is back with a-vegan-ance.

“If we all went vegan, which I am by no means expecting to happen overnight, there would be no such thing as starvation in the world. The figure would be zero,” she said at the deli’s opening.

“Think about it; if you take 10 kilos of soy and give it to humans, you feed 10 times more humans than you feed if you give the same amount of soy to just one single cow,” she went on. “It’s a ratio of 10:1, now imagine that on a global scale and imagine the incredible impact we could make if we all switched to a vegan lifestyle.”

Mills doesn’t just want everyone to switch to vegan lifestyle, she also wants to subvert the old image of what a vegan looks like.

“I want vegan to be hip and trendy, not the old-age ‘hippy’ stereotype it always was,” she declared. “This is a new generation, women today want to get dressed up and feel and look glamorous — we don’t all want to walk around in Birkenstocks.”

Her menu, which features vegan mince, duck, gammon, fish, pate and even varieties of cheese, has been created as an “exact replication alternative” to an unhealthy diet.

And Mills’ dream of a vegan world (or, at the very least, a vegan Britain) might not be too far off with her plan of launching 25 more concessions across the U.K.

It’s an ambitious plan, which isn’t surprising coming from its source: after all, Mills once said that VBites would be bigger than McDonald’s in 10 years. That was in 2010.

Well, she does still have five years to go.

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Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

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