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For the latest instalment of Munchies' Fuel series, vegan John Joseph discusses how he trains hard for the Ironman without consuming meat or dairy.For the latest instalment of Munchies' Fuel series, vegan John Joseph discusses how he trains hard for the Ironman without consuming meat or dairy.

Vegan Ironman Champ John Joseph on Why Meat Is Still For Pussies

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Punk singer and athlete John Joseph spoke to Metro about the success he’s had due to his plant-based diet and why he thinks meat is for pussies.

The Cro-Mag frontman is a five-time Ironman champ and is gearing up for his sixth race. Five years after the release of his book, Meat is for Pussies, the outspoken dude is still singing the praises of his switch to a vegan diet for bettering his life.

“If you told me in 1980 I would be continuing a plant-based diet 35 years later at 53 and killing it in Ironman triathlons I would have laughed right in your face,” Joseph, who came from an alcoholic home and was placed into a succession of orphanages and “abusive” foster homes, tells the publication.

Joseph was homeless at 14, and did two years at a juvenile prison. He was also addicted to drugs, alcohol and “bad food.” He credits his stint as a roadie for the Rastafarian punk band Bad Brains in 1981 for introducing him to PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), which led him to change his diet and his attitude.

He swore off meat, fish, eggs, dairy, processed food, drugs and everything else.

Taiwan Ironman in April – traveled to the other side of the planet and raced two days later – PMA got me through the logistical nightmares and jet leg – we can accomplish anything if we work hard – next on the radar IM Boulder Aug 2nd #IMBoulder #TRUEYORKER #pma #cromags #cbgbs #plantbuilt #plantpower #rawfood #forksoverknives

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“That was the catalyst for change in my life because when I started to give a damn about what I was ingesting all other positive change followed,” he said. It was then when he started becoming more active. He took up yoga and meditation, martial arts, cycling, distance swimming and running.

“I was hooked because I saw results,” Joseph said. His two books, The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon, which is a memoir of his journey, and Meat Is For Pussies, soon followed. Of the latter, despite its crude title, he said, “I’ve received thousands of emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages from tough dudes who read the book and changed because it was written in their language by someone just like them.

“So… at the end of the day, if a plant-based diet can work for a screw up like me and some of these dudes, it can work for anybody.”

Via Metro


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  • AllVegan

    Bravo! Plant Based Diets Rock! At 60 I am not a hardcore athlete but I was able to wear out my 20 year old Daughter hiking to the summit of Green Mountain a couple of weeks ago.

  • BR

    That is a sexist, vile term. He ought to keep his mouth shut. because it resembles the hole in his rear when he opens it.

  • FemmBacco

    @BR you have to realize, if you are easily offended, his take isn’t meant for you. He speaks the only way he himself; and the only way your typical, stubborn, macho-bro will listen. Not everything can be written for the PC crowd. I’m glad someone talks real in the Veg community. It can’t all be about soft spoken yoga enthusiasts smiling over salad. There are a lot more of us in the plant based community. For someone who’s spent time on drugs, in jail, in foster homes, he’s really not that offensive. Ease up.

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