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Laura Moss created AdventureCats.org, which helps people learn how to safely take their cats outdoors.Laura Moss created AdventureCats.org, which helps people learn how to safely take their cats outdoors.

Now You Can Take Your Cat on An Outdoor Adventure

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Have you ever wanted to explore the great outdoors with your feline friend but didn’t know how exactly to do that?

So did Laura Moss, which is why she created AdventureCats.org, which helps people learn how to safely take their cats outdoors.

“You see cats climbing, hiking and camping and think that’s something you totally do with your dog. But it’s something you can do with your cat, too. It’s just people look at you a lot more strangely,” Moss told Mother Nature Network (MNN).

But, actually, there is an entire community of adventure cats who kayak, rock climb and enjoy the world just as much as their canine counterparts do. There are many owners who might be worried about their cats while they wander outside, with some looking for the best cat fences to help keep their pets safe.

“I doubt most people associate cats with hiking, climbing, biking, paddling, etc.,” Moss, who has two rescue cats of her own, told Wired. “But when they see cats actually doing it, they’re inspired.”

Moss was inspired herself to create the website when, upon deciding to combine her love of cats with her love of the great outdoors, she discovered there wasn’t a lot of information available online about tips for turning kitties into hiking companions.

The site will officially launch shortly, but you can follow its Instagram and Facebook accounts, where you can find tons of people exploring the outdoors with their cats, doing everything from camping to canoeing and, yes, fishing.

“I was overwhelmed,” Moss said of the response to MNN. “I kind of thought there were a lot of people and cats who did this, but I didn’t realize there were so many. There are people riding bikes or canoeing or kayaking with their cats or taking them camping. I think that’s why people are so interested. They also didn’t know you could do all those things with a cat.”

But you can! How grand.

Moss’ plans for the website include it being a resource for human explorers who want to learn how to safely go on outdoor adventures with their cat. Whether you want to learn basic training or how to put on a harness correctly, Moss wants Adventure Cats to be your number one destination. Visitors will also be able to access profiles of cats and their owners who have mastered journeying with their felines.

But what might be most important to cat lovers is Moss’ intention that the website will dispel negative cat stereotypes.

“While cats have a reputation as being lazy and aloof, there are actually plenty of badass cats out there that will join you on the trail, scale mountains and even go for a dip,” says Moss. “These are the kitties we want to spotlight.”

We look forward to hearing more cats roar in the wild — while properly tethered, of course.

Via Mother Nature Network

Photo: mindrollingg/Instagram

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