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liam hemsworth is veganliam hemsworth is vegan

Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan and Loving It

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Liam Hemsworth gave an interview to Men’s Fitness magazine and let readers in the fact that he leads a vegan lifestyle and has even convinced his big brother to eat more veggies.

“I constantly get questions like, ‘How do you get your protein?’ and ‘How do you feel?’ And most of the people who ask you this are not healthy people,” said Hemsworth of the feedback he’s been getting since making the switch five months ago. “It always makes me so confused, because I’m like, ‘What are you eating?’ Whatever you’re eating, it’s not right…’ But there are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life.”

When asked what led to his change in eating habits, the Hunger Games star who was once a carnivore said his “own health, and after all the information I gathered about the mistreatment of animals” led the way. After, like Usher before him, seeing a doctor that recommended a blood type diet full of meat, he quickly realized that was not the way to go.

“About six months ago I went and saw a nutritionist to do a blood-diet analysis. He basically told me, based on my blood type and all the other different little tests they do, that red meat was good for me, and I should eat a lot more red meat and various other foods. So I started doing that, and the more red meat I ate, the worse I felt,” told Hemsworth to the magazine.

It also helped to have some support from vegan friends like long-time plant-based diet advocate Woody Harrelson.

“I have a lot of friends who are vegan,” he said. “Woody Harrelson was actually one of the original reasons I became vegan, because he’s been vegan for, I don’t know, 30 years or something. So, with the facts I was gathering, and then just how I was physically feeling, I felt like I had to do something different, so I adopted this vegan-diet lifestyle.”

Hemsworth’s ex-fiancee, Miley Cyrus, also recently admitted she’s vegan but the actor didn’t mention if they ever talked about the subject when they were together. His brother though, Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, took some of his advice and is eating more veggies.

“Chris is obviously extremely healthy and has played Thor and has had to work out a lot over the past few years. Through talking to me, he’s somewhat adapting, I think, to eating more vegetables and more plant-based stuff,” he added.

As if he needed anything else to make him even more of an eligible bachelor, Hemsworth also talked about how much he loves his rescue dog — and how animal rescue is important to him.

“I got her about a year ago,” he said of his adopted dog, Tani. “She’s the perfect dog. I’m a big advocate of pet rescue. Especially in California. If you’re going to get a dog, get a rescue.”

Seriously, move over, Miss Piggy, we want to date meet Liam Hemsworth now!

Via Men’s Fitness

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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  • Hunter Black

    Veganism is not a good diet. It is just better than the standard diet. I live off of red meat & all of my numbers on blood tests have improved tenfold & aging has slowed + I am never sick with excellent blood glucose stability. No supplements. Naturally, we ate a lot of meat / fat & you cannot jump millions of years of evolution. I am zero carb.

    Still, I wish him luck on his WOE & I hope he stays healthy with supplements. But I would not pretend veganism is optimum as a lifestyle. Certainly not as optimum or healthy as a Ketogenic or ZC lifestyle.

    Oh & p.s

    I used to be vegan.

    • a Person

      what are you even talking about? you say that veganism isn’t a good diet, but it is not true…. veganism is better than the standard diet AND it just is a good diet. so don’t lie because it’s been prooved….

      • Barry T Dallmann

        She’s talking about veganism being better than the SAD, but still sub par compared to a carnivorous way of eating.

        But, please, provide proof that veganism is better than eating meat. Legitimate sources, please.

        • Waveboy

          Animal products contain endo toxins and other poisons.

          I’d rather get my saturated fat from coconut oil.

          A certified organic whole food plant based diet is by far the healthiest diet to be on and it’s the only diet that opens up the arteries.

          NutritionFacts.org definitely has some intereting videos you might want to check out.

        • Carmen Anghel

          There’s no need to provide legit sources when doctors recommend vegan diet to recover and cure heart disease:

    • John Elias

      Then you weren’t doing it right… Have a great day.

      • Hunter Black

        The common vegan brush off of “you weren’t / aren’t doing it right” that I commonly seen used on forums & blogs & is designed to shut off any opposemention.

        Well, I hate to break your little
        heart, but I was doing it all perfectly fine & I tried tweaking + adding / removing plants, fruits & other foods to no avail. I spoke to nutritionalists

        Turns out that I’m perfectly fine on an all meat lifestyle with no plant foods or carbs.

        So go figure.

        Because I know for a fact that only a minority of people “survive” & I do use the term survive, on a vegan diet with few issues.
        My child would not be subject to potential deficiencies, a damaged intestine & colon (which is what happens over time, just so you vegans / vegetarian folk are aware, due to the high fibre) the chemical exposure from the plants which are A) usually treated B) contain plant chemicals which can again cause reactions over time to defend themselves (tomatoes for example) C) the dental decay & the behaviour issues from all of the natural sugar is now known to be just as bad, if not worse for children’s behavioural issues & increases the chances of leading to mental health issues later at an earlier age (which is already being seen by society & you will do well avoiding sugar as much as possible in all of its forms).

        There is more if anybody is open minded enough to research vegan diets thoroughly.
        I used to be vegan & it did me a lot of intestinal damage, caused inflammatory responses right through my body to.
        And yes, I did research & I tried adding & removing certain items to no affect.

        The truth is that many of you are continually lobbying for veganism, but are you aware of ALL of the issues that come with it that certain others would rather you not know?

        Cognitive Dissonance is powerful & only a strong person can see through it.

        I’m now ZC (zerocarb) which is an all meat lifestyle. I don’t particularly care what others might think because I have been healing beautifully on this lifestyle & for the first time in my life I am not in pain & suffering deficiencies, I have plenty of steady energy & my blood works are perfect on an 80% fat, 20% protein by kcal lifestyle. I eat a much smaller amount than before to because meat is so nutritionally dense.
        That’s just me though.
        I used to take supplements on the vegan diet, but due to the plant chemicals & high fibre content, an immunity reaction from my body prevented the absorption of supplements.
        I nearly died on a vegan diet. So have many others. Just be aware of that.

        I am not looking for an argument, but I want some of you to be aware that you need to be very careful with being vegan. Those of you who suffer bloating, cramps, alternating IBS…. its not normal at all & it’s a sign your intestinal tract is not coping properly. A small minority do just fine, but some will push themselves to the brink trying to make it work.

        And forcing children onto a vegan diet when clearly many people (as I can gather when I am reading) are either unaware of the issues or shut down when they mention them I. E. ‘You must be doing something wrong, this lifestyle suits all’ is quite frankly wrong.
        I know most of you are in it for compassionate reasons, but please also adopt the same attitude for children.
        I chose not to have children, if I do it will only be one because I care about how much it would use up in resources just by existing.

        The government’s do not like the idea & they try telling people that having 1-2 children per family will not start reducing the human population, but when you do the maths, no matter how, it does.
        The only thing that I can think of that they could be taking into account are the effects of nanotechnology in the future.
        The reason they don’t like the idea is because they do not want us making our own decisions regarding such matters.
        They only want to give you the illusion that you are free to make your own choices…. really, they will do anything to stop you making the major ones.
        There is no profit in a humane government which is for the people & the planet.

        Oh & btw, Sandy Frost just noticed your post 🙂 meat actually is very good for you. The government information is based on very, very poor research done in the 1900′ s on saturated fat etc. Also all of the studies involved some kind of carbohydrate to, which meat should not be mixed with.

        If you look up modern research, it actually blows it all up, but the government have not yet changed the guidelines.

        There is lots of information out there now through lifestyles such as:

        Zero carb

        Those three are the main ones & I’m just listing them for informational purposes 🙂

        I’m not an idiot either unfortunately 😀 I’m currently studying medical sciences & nutrition which is how I know all of this. I probably know far more than the health industry would like me to.

        • John Elias

          Typical adversarial attitude just because “you think” you were doing it right doesn’t mean you were…. Ummmm? Let me quote someone who once said.. “it’s your funeral” well, it your funeral… And you have kids to boot? Good luck with that man… I am a person who basically stays away from all animal products as much as I possibly can.. I consider myself 98% leading a vegan lifestyle with a very infrequent egg or slice of pizza! 🙂 . And I get it. It didn’t work for you.. You didn’t enjoy it.. but to come on like some sort of expert and knock it and spread your biased opinion.. That’s just not cool and it’s not right. Your resistance to stick with something and to give your body a chance to detox and adapt was your choice…. Its really hard in the beginning. It took me about 3 years to adjust and acclimate to my existing lifestyle diet and I’m not even a full on vegan but I’m close enough .. closer than many.. Animal products are bad for human consumptionI know that and that’s because my body tells me so.
          When I do have that slice or that egg white my body tells me that it feels wrong physically, but hey I look at it as a reminder to keep me on the path and Hey maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. My question to you is how can you tell millions of vegans that are healthy and thriving that the vegan lifestyle is wrong while meat eaters out there are coming down with colon cancer in droves?
          So check this out dude study all you you want it’s all good.but I’ve had 2 of the nation’s top oncologists on separate occasions tell me that if I wanted to live a long healthy life? To stay away from meat and dairy.. And that is straight from the horses mouth.. Good luck man.

          • Barry T Dallmann

            And your opinion isn’t biased, right?

  • Gregg Sheehan

    If you cannot get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat, without supplementing artificially created compounds, then the food you eat isn’t suitable for your species.

    Humans cannot survive in the natural environment, and stay healthy for long, on a plant based diet. There simply are not enough nutrients in plants that are bio-available to us. We cannot create important fatty acids from plants because our gut has not evolved the capacity that is needed to be able to use bacteria to ferment the plant food enough. Gorillas can do it and cows can do it, but we look nothing like those species inside.

    Fact 1. Civilised man is the planet’s only chronically sick animal.
    Fact 2. No wild animal or human culture living on its natural diet suffer the chronic diseases we do.
    Fact 3. Our pets suffer the same diseases we do – and for the same reasons.
    Fact 4. Wherever we travel in the world, we export out dietary dogma.
    Fact 5. Previously healthy populations are made ill by contact with us.”

    • Carmen Anghel

      You understand that everyone eats a meat + plants diet, correct?
      That is precisely why we suffer chronic diseases.

      Let’s talk about fatty acids – which is not the same as amino-acids.
      Fatty acids are, as they say, fats. When bound, they can make fat.
      Amino-acids when bound will create a protein.

      And please, those who say it’s impossible to do it shouldn’t hinder those who are DOING it. Vegans are doing it. Vegans do not need any supplement (protein wise, mineral, vitamin or fat).

      A world-wide supplement – B12 is needed to both meat-eaters and vegans.
      Meat-eaters are also deficient in B12, let’s remember that.

      B12 comes from Bacteria, not from Animals. Animals don’t produce B12. The animals cannot get B12 any longer from soil as pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. have destroyed this viable bacteria.

      Animals need B12 supplements as well and that is what you are eating. Supplemented animals.
      Vegans will skip the animals and go directly for the source – B12 itself.

      Dogs and cats suffer the same disease as we do as they get the crappiest, most chlorinated parts of an animal that they otherwise wouldn’t eat in the wild. Their diets are nothing like humans’, who even choose filet mignon and other ‘good cuts’.

      I will give you a very good example: when someone has digestive issues, either malnourishment, operation, etc. they are not given MEAT or EGGS.
      They are given plants as we easily digest these and their nutrients are viable for us (Porridge, soups, oatmeals)

      In 3rd world countries, children are fed VEGETABLES, such as sweet potatoes by helping organisation so they replenish their bodies with nutrients.

      You’ve mixed fats with protein, why should anyone listen to you, especially when you’ve never attempted veganism and yet speak about it as if it was personal experience.

      I have experienced it and I am more qualified to speak about it as I’ve done proper research before and during veganism.
      If nutrients were not bio-available to us, vegetables would be obsolete and growing them would be useless.

      • Gregg Sheehan

        “You understand that everyone eats a meat + plants diet, correct?”

        No, not correct. I and many others have dispensed with plants in our diet altogether. I eat organ meats, so I get a full quota of nutrients.

        We need fat in our diet to provide fuel. Additionally there are two fatty acids that are ‘essential’. There are about nine amino acids that are ‘essential’. By ‘essential’, we mean that the body cannot produce these things and they MUST be ingested.

        Burning protein for fuel is possible, as is burning glucose. Neither of these is as efficient, or good for our long term health as fatty acids. The liver can break down fatty acids into ketones, which can be used to provide a much healthier fuel for our brain than glucose. It is true that some cells in our body require glucose, but the amounts needed are minimal and can be provided from the ability of the body to convert protein to glucose. There is absolutely NO requirement for dietary glucose from carbohydrates. This has been demonstrated throughout our evolution, where humans have been able to survive through various ice-ages as well as in the Artic circle, where there is no possibility of getting carbohydrates.

        You say that ‘Vegans are doing it’. I say that most of the ones that are doing it have only been ‘doing it’ for a relatively short time. As it happens, 84% of those that try veganism, give it up within 2 years. During that time they get most of the minerals and vitamins by mining them from their own bodies – in other words, ‘cannibalising’ themselves. After a period of time, they will have very poor health. Here is a good read from a long term vegan and what she found out.

      • John Elias

        You go girl! Tell it!

    • John Elias

      Your must be losing it? I’ve been vegetarian then vegan for over 5 years and I’ll bet I’m extremely healthier than most people … Lol… Veganism is absolutely sustainable and cleansing of both body and soul….. And check this out…. (Whispering) it’s ethical and kind too… Can you dig it?

      • Gregg Sheehan

        It’s your funeral. The concept of ethics never came into it until eating meat allowed our brains to grow to the level they got to over 60k years ago. Since then the addition of more and more plant material into our diets has simply caused our brains to start shrinking, (more so for vegans).

    • Shane Trevor Grotke

      Even if we assume all else is correct:

      “artificially created”, “natural environment”. There’s your fallacy. It sounds a lot like you’re saying that civilization itself is a sickness and industrialization, etc. are unsuitable. You’re welcome to forfeit relying on technology(social networking and posting comments on the internet to persuade others of your position, etc.) and go live in the wild without paying taxes.

      But really, with all due respect, your argument boils down to, “If we tried living in the wild without it, we’d die, and that’s why we shouldn’t do it”. But the reality is that most, if not all, of us, would not be able to survive without MANY things that we have EVOLVED and grown accustomed to using.

      • Gregg Sheehan

        The problem you have, is that we have not yet been able to evolve to the extent that we can thrive on a plant-based diet. 15,000 years of agrarian living has served to reduce the size of our brains, deteriorate our dental health and reduce our bone density. The last 200 years of refined carbohydrates have created the ‘diseases of civilization’ and the last 40 years of anti-animal fat mania have made 60% of the population overweight, diabetic and less likely to live as long as the previous generation. Vegetarians will simply ‘evolve’ themselves out of the gene pool, should there be a ‘post’ industrial period.
        “Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.”

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