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A group of children are suing the Obama administration over climate change, which Slate calls "next important civil rights struggle of the 21st century."A group of children are suing the Obama administration over climate change, which Slate calls "next important civil rights struggle of the 21st century."

A Group of Kids Are Suing Obama Over Climate Change

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A group of 21 children and teenagers are suing the Obama administration over climate change, which Slate calls “next important civil rights struggle of the 21st century.”

The kids aren’t going it alone, however. Their “guardian” is James Hansen, the former chief climate scientist for NASA.  The lawsuit argues that the government’s inaction on climate change is a violation of their right to life, liberty and property. They are requesting the President to act immediately to protect the earth for the benefit of Americans, now and in the future.

The case is being handled by Our Children’s Trust, an Oregon-based nonprofit that, according to Slate, has been pursing this kind of “strategy” for years.

Slate likens the case to a Disney movie, and it does have that feel to it. However, new developments in the case last week suggest the fossil fuel industry isn’t taking the law suit as child’s play. Three groups representing the Big Oil industry joined the federal case as intervenors, fearing “massive societal changes” and an “unprecedented restructuring of the economy” could result if the kids win.

In a statement, Julia Olson, the lead attorney from Our Children’s Trust said: “The biggest fossil fuel polluters on the planet, including Exxon and Koch Industries, just asked the court for permission to argue that young people don’t have a constitutional right to life if it means reducing fossil fuel use.”

Olson went onto tell Slate that she thinks Big Oil’s involvement with the case is “good news” because “they see this as a legitimate case,” she said.

“The science is clear,” Hansen said in a statement on Nov. 12. “I am not surprised that fossil fuel corporations seek to derail this case, but the fundamental rights of my granddaughter and future generations to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness must prevail.”

The case is seen more symbolic than anything, but a lawsuit that is seeking comprehensive, science-based legislation to return atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million by the end of a century is something that we can all get behind of (well, except for climate deniers).

Though Obama might not be able to promise what the lawsuit demands, at least he’s gone on record to call climate change a threat to national security. That might have to be good enough for the kids for the moment.

At least the Pope thinks Obama is doing a good job.

Via Slate

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  • Edward Hastings

    Total absurdity!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cc

    why don’t the kiddies just go on a fake hunger strike and demand Obama resign if he doesn’t respond by Friday? seems more effective these days.

  • Gary Williams

    Charge them all with frivolous wasting of the courts time and send the bill to their parents who have clearly not raised them to respect anyone but themselves.
    These types of silly nonsense suites are simply a waste of time and money and really these adolescent twits just need to be spanked.

  • agwscam

    Child abuse. The parents of these brainwashed children should get a visit from child protective services and lose custody of their children. Filling them with terror about this imaginary climate change scam and using them as propaganda to advance their own political agenda. Disgusting.

  • Michael Harris

    What a waste of time this article actually is and what a waste of the courts time. These kids have been brainwashed like so many in schools all over the globe and with them, their “Guardian” James Hansen, a discredited scientific hack who’s predictions on climate change have been as accurate as his comrade in arms, Paul Erlich. Both of these hacks have never predicted anything accurately, they have overstated their case hundreds of times and the “science has spoken” comment made by James Hansen; no science has ever backed up any of his predictions. His comments are never backed up by any scientific argument, paper or study. The worst thing is that green groups, blogs and other ideologues are stupid enough to include him in these stories. James Hansen would enact policies that would destroy civilisation; CO2 is not evil, it does not correlate with temperature over geological time & it does not correlate in recent times, hence the cooked science and manipulated data of the past 30 yrs to try and make it match up (Read A Disgrace to Science and find out what Michael Mann considers scientific). A 20 year global warming pause (Real scientists has predicted a cooling period which may now occur over the next 30 -50 years) when CO2 is at a RECENT all time high doesn’t actually represent a lock step relationship.

  • MikeW

    Another case of Climate Derangement Syndrome.

  • sadatoni

    Kids being used as pawns. How disgusting.

  • Gail Combs

    At this point I figure those kids DESERVE what they are asking for…. A life that is NASTY, Brutal and Short working as slaves for the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Royals and Shell Oil.

  • Andy G

    Take away their iPhones and other trappings of modern society that rely totally on a good solid reliable supply of electricity……. see how long they last 😉
    No Mum’s SUV to drop them at school or to their protest marches.. boo-hoo !!

    • Information_overload

      Exactly ! If they indeed are serious, they need to IMMEDIATELY stop riding in cars, buses, trains, and boats, and planes. Get a horse or walk. Also, no heat for their homes if it comes from coal, natural gas, propane, or firewood. (I’ll make a reluctant exception for solar as long as they make their own solar panels from things that do not use any of the aforementioned fossil fuels.–Ha ha, good luck with that.)

      And absolutely NO air conditioning. Sheesh! What a waste of energy on these little weasels that would be!

  • Todd Nelson

    Not one of the children involved in the lawsuit has ever experienced ANY climate change, either up or down. With there being no increase in global temperatures in almost 19 years, as admitted to by the UN IPCC, there is not one person who doesn’t have the right to vote who has been affected by so called “climate change”. The name had to be changed from “manmade global warming” because there isn’t any. I don’t know how they even have standing to bring the suit because they have suffered NO harm. It would be interesting to have the suit so the AGW high priests would have to show the world all they have is a fraud. It is the biggest fraud in history. One that makes Bernie Madoff look honest, and also makes him jealous. There is no science that supports the “climate change” claim.

  • Information_overload

    You people (hoax deniers) are delusional. Just plain delusional.

  • MartianGuest

    This child abuse really is shameful. Declaring they are saving the planet and future generations merely strokes their egos, and in no way justifies their abhorrent actions here. Not least because if anything, the kinds of panics and policies they are promoting have already done a great deal of harm.

  • peedee

    James Hansen has a PhD in Astronomy. Fact. His thesis was ‘The Climate on Venus.’ Fact. It was subsequently debunked by NASA, …whom he joined and became the Director of Space Physics. Fact. Both his education and his career, have absolutely nothing to do with ‘Climate’. Several years ago, he accepted a $1.4M ‘Green’ Award, in violation of the US Hatch Act. Rather than comply with the Act, which prohibits Federal scientists from using their position to advance political ends, something Hansen has done from the moment he saw how far Gore was able to advance his own wealth (this is “I never took a single math or science course in college” Gore), Hansen chose to pre-emptively retire, so he wouldn’t have to return the award. Since that time, he continues to violate the US Hatch Act, using his former position as a talking point, and now he’s on the Suzuki legal schtick, starting bogus class-action lawsuits for his advisor’s fees. Financial opportunists like Suzuki, Gore, Mann, Hansen and McKibben should be shunned, whether you believe in the ‘science’, or not. They are looting OUR last life savings and destroying whatever estate is left for OUR children. This is Green Mail Terrorism, no different from some head-chopping Green Caliphate.

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