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Why You Should Unfollow 'The Vegan Revolution'

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Within every activist community, there’s bound to be a few bad apples, but some of those bad apples are mealier than others. The Vegan Revolution is a semi-anonymous vegan internet “celebrity,” with 50,000 followers on Twitter, eight thousand supporters on Facebook, his own Youtube channel, and a Podcast. While it’s abundantly clear that this is one bored asshole operating with the added commentary of a few of his friends, he’s been incorrectly and irresponsibly identified by sources such as Eater as being an “independent, highly outspoken group” operating out of the UK. Let’s not get confused here- this is no advocacy group, and to call him one is plain silly.

Today, he went on a vile and racist rant via his twitter account that was peppered with slurs against black folks. Aph Ko, of Aphor-ism and Black Vegans Rock broke the news on her Facebook page. Beginning with “Racist black non vegan: ‘veganism is a white people problem’ N*gger please, oppressing slaves out of greed is everyfuckinkbody’s problem,” and right afterwards, lamented the fact that “people find a word like n*gger- a WORD- to be more offensive than eating corpses of slaughtered beings.” His grand finale? “I’ve lynched less negroes than you’ve had hot non-vegan dinners.”

How’s that for a self-made spokesperson of our community? This isn’t the first time he’s been in hot water, as back in April, he railed against the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement. The vegan community is not going to be immune to racism, just like any other group of activists, and we have a responsibility to stop providing people like The Vegan Revolution with a space to spout garbage. Unfollow him, stop promoting him, and recognize him for who he is: a very bored individual who is actively harming animals by making otherwise open minded folks shy away from a vegan lifestyle. Engaging in hate speech is a surefire way to keep the vegan population small, and The Vegan Revolution is killing animals by painting our community in this kind of light.

I had a chance to engage with Aph Ko herself, who has made it her mission to paint a much more realistic picture of what the vegan movement looks like. “Black vegans and animal rights activists have been around forever, we’re just not spotlighted in the mainstream circuit,” she told me, and her statement was reflected in the backlash against The Vegan Revolution as vegans of all races called him out for his rhetoric.

If you’re lucky like me, he might just block you on Twitter instead of telling you to “go choke,” but the opportunity is in front of the vegan movement to remove the rot that harms our movement. Let’s do this thing.

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  • Disco Nouvo

    Thanks for promoting the cleverness of @Vegan Revolution ‘s twitter account. His tweets are not racist even though the language is edgy. You need to figure out what is really important. You could start by stopping abusing animals you cruel fuck.

    • Cere

      You missed the part where the author is vegan? You could start with working on your literacy skills… also maybe your science knowledge, as humans are also animals (and hate speech is abuse). I think I’d also suggest a dictionary, since you don’t know what “clever” means, either.

    • Daremo

      Keep emulating ignorant corrupt cops, it’s so honorable of you.

  • Lalasunflower

    How alarming it is that so many people are comfortable with racism within their own community! You continue to paint vegans in a negative light, as as the article said, turning people away kills animals.

  • Lenna

    I applaud the author for writing this and am glad there’s been so much attention recently on the complete lack of compassion toward humans in the vegan movement. Reading about “Vegan Revolution”, and seeing the responses defending him, is such a disappointment. It’s a sad truth that there are many sexist, racist, and otherwise disgusting vegans who don’t seem to understand that the best way to spread empathy and compassion is to BE empathic and compassionate. Too many vegans think that if one person changes their lifestyle because of this type of communication style it’s worth it. Well, when your audience is millions of people (most of whom are non-vegans and disgusted by this type of “activism”) and you only get through to a handful, guess what? That leaves the rest with the impression that ALL vegans are complete tools and become unreceptive to veganism. Good job. This is where the “vegans care more about animals than humans” stereotype comes from. Maybe some of you do, but I for one don’t want you, or Vegan Revolution, as the spokesperson for my beliefs, which encourage safety and compassion for HUMANS and animals. And if you think he’s fine and dandy, and wish others were more like him, I hope you’re prepared to accept that veganism will never get the attention it deserves while his rhetoric is associated with it.

    • Sumanth Seshasayee

      You’re not unreceptive to being vegan because of a Twitter account you’re unreceptive because you’re too selfish to change your habits to ones where you no longer pay for animal cruelty. That notwithstanding you’re more than willing to opportunistically exploit this to have a convenient excuse to deny your own accountability for your actions.

    • Daremo

      Yeah, that was quite an immature response. Grow up and be accountable for yourself or don’t.

  • Monica V Lucas

    Everybody’s hero, Gary Yoroufsky, refused to have a dialogue with me when he came out in support of Beyonce’s failed attempt at veganism (praising her marketing of a vegan food delivery system while ignoring the outrage of vegans who have not forgotten her promotion of fur and other animal usage), and he blocked me. So, basically, I think that there are no heroes in the movement, we’re all human, and I don’t think this guy has ever lynched anyone – the message was that words mean less than actions. Words can hurt, of course.

    Some vegans are highly driven to shocking people into awareness. Of course, there are many others who believe that coddling necrovores is the answer. If that were true, the world would be vegan already. It’s good to bring up the subject of the very real misanthropy that many of us feel (which I feel is justified, due to the fact that humanity is the actual culprit in the exploitation of animals), however, we should be able to discuss it, rather than call for banning and shaming everyone who doesn’t speak or act exactly as you want them to.

    Veganism is a movement that is evolving. It doesn’t matter how many years we have under our belt. We are all still learning how to find that perfect trigger that will make people aware of their personal responsibility towards ending animal exploitation. Point out the fallacies and the hypocrisy, for sure. But silencing the voice of an activist simply because of a character flaw does nothing.

    Look at the Dalai Lama – the supposed epitome of peace and ahimsa – a necrovore, himself. We’re all hypocrites, to some extent. It’s human nature.

    • Lalasunflower

      Monica, I encourage you to look at his long history of spouting hatred. This isn’t a one time event.

    • Soren Impey

      Gary Yorousfky is the Donald Trump of veganism.

      • Couldn’t have put it better myself!

      • Daremo

        That’s gold. 🙂

  • James

    This kind of behavior is bound to happen when the rules of veganism are so lax. A vegan is a person who does not actively abuse, use, or exploit human animals and non-human animals. There is no vegan diet! Its a plant based diet. Veganism is a lifestyle. By allowing everyone under the sun to claim to be vegan if they feel like it, we have allowed the culture of veganism to be corrupted. Unfortunately, because of this we have opened our community up to non-vegans claiming to be. Just like this racist non-vegan. To any fellow vegans reading this comment. DO NOT let anyone claim to be vegan that isn’t. They will call us the “vegan police” but most cultures have “police”. We need to start enforcing the true definition of veganism to prevent people like this getting popularity. Peace and Love.

    • Soren Impey

      I hope you enjoy your exclusive well-policed cult while billions of animals continue to die.

      • Enric Martinez

        Spot on mate. Nailed it!

    • Enric Martinez

      Wait mate, this part about humans has just been pulled out of your sleeve, right?

      You are proposing a sort of 100% plant based socialist Buddhism, but sorry, this is not the definition of veganism, not even for the majority of vegans.

      Please do not mix up purely human related politics with veganism, else I could start arguing that only people from the environmentalist movement are “true vegans”.

      Furthermore: If you start trying to involve yourself in politics you may learn that many of US, the environmentalists, have roots in the anarchist and extreme left movements.

      So, you want to start a police? Are you going to enforce the correctness? Good look mate, because to enforce something the rest of the people have to allow being enforced. I also assume that you want to become yourself our very own Chief of Vegan Police, right?

      So tell me, friend, in which way is your proposition of seizing power of the movement better than Racism or Sexism?

      And talking about damaging animals by scaring people away: You are already scaring the fuck out out me and I bet a lot of non-vegans would be shocked to learn about your “VEGSTAPO” thingy.

      Sorry mate, I recommend you to read some Bakunin and Malatesta 😉

  • Misanthrope Vegan

    Everyone has the right to an opinion, so please don’t tell us who to unfollow, because you have no authority to define your opinion as general opinion of ethical vegans. He was provoked and he replied accordingly. Nothing wrong in his defense of veganism. Priority of ethical veganism is animal liberation from humans. Humans are pests and cancer of this planet, and as such deserve no rights, especially those who persist in animal abuse, torture and killing.

    • Lalasunflower

      congrats on realizing your free will to follow whom you want. very clever.

    • Daremo

      Think before you speak. You’re a liar and an apologist and you would fold immediately in an open honest debate on this matter. Hit me up and we can have that debate live. I have no shame putting my face behind my words, how about you… ?

  • Leo

    Thanks for mentioning The Vegan Revolution. Never heard of it before, but now that I have, I‘ll follow it and subscribe. They are the real defenders of animals, while your political correctness reveals your specieism. If the allies and resistance fought the Nazis in that way, the battle would have been lost in advance. Thankfully, not all vegans are pussified. We‘re at war for animal liberation, not in a debate club or writing contest.

    • ‘Pussified’ – so you’re as sexist as the Vegan Revolution guy then.

      • Enric Martinez

        A pussy is a cat, right?
        Yes, I’m very sexist, I love sex 😉

    • Lalasunflower

      i love how you went directly to the nazi comparison. what an amazing debater you are!!

      • Enric Martinez

        Well, a guy saying that he is going to start a Vegan Police is not quite the type of things that I learned in Malatesta’s anarchist manifestos, right?

    • Daremo

      Show your face and debate this matter live… then we’ll see who is truly “pussified.” I’ll bet you don’t know jack about war either.

  • Rachel Waite


  • Rachel Waite

    I’m shocked at how many vegans are supporting this guy in the comments section and making excuses for blantamtly racist comments. If they really wanted a ‘vegan revolution’ this guy and his supporters need to realize that a TRUE revolution of the masses will include all types of people and racist comments like these and open support of them just pushes people of color further away and keeps the status quo of a white, elitist movement not welcoming of everyone. We need to eliminate racism in the movement if we want a real revolution and true societal change.

  • He’s also sexist as hell, and loves to use the words ‘bitch’ and ‘pussy’ when referring to women. I’m vegan and I’m not wholly against shock tactics – but this white middle-class male needs to learn that the language of the oppressor is offensive in any context. I somewhat agree with the basis of his reasoning, but he can make EXACTLY the same points using different language. He argues that the anonymity is because he doesn’t want to bring his ego into it, but if there’s one thing this guy isn’t short of, it’s ego. I unfollowed ages ago.

    • Daremo

      My fiancee and I have gone after him and his supporters for about a year. I’ve seen him throw “nigger” out there like candy. He called my fiancee a bitch for pointing stuff like that out. I took particular notice when he said all Palestinian kids not being raised vegan should be murdered (I have screenshots to back that up). He’s just another cowardly privileged white kid thinking he’s edgy. Him, Gary Yourofsky, durianrider, Freelee, Happy Healthy Vegans, Bite Size Vegan, Kerry McCarpet, Plant Based Athlete, The Friendly Activist, bananablondie108, Sorcha and many others have had this pointed out to them… and ignored it. If those supposed ‘vegans’ would start supporting actual veganism… instead of each other… perhaps more progress… for the animals… could be made? I left the online gun community in disgust, thinking the online vegan community would be more intellectual and ethical. I was wrong.

  • VeesaLee

    This is the kind of thing that creates ex-vegans. And with good reason.

    You’re trying to promote yourself by criticizing someone else who’s successful and is making progress in spreading the vegan message and you are also obtusely missing the context of the message you’re railing about. That just makes us vegans look like overreacting tools. No one wants to be in the group with the over reacting tools. They just don’t.

    Please, for the good of the vegan movement and the safety and well being of animals … stop your whining. Just. Stop.

    BTW … Who is “Ecorazzi Contributor” anyway?

    • Enric Martinez

      Well, not ex-vegans, what it makes is that I’m now interested in what this VR person has to say and the ones I’m going to unfollow is this EcoNazzi people.

      And sure that these Econnazzi guys aren’t just using this shit as a click bait to get more hits on their page and bolster their own pockets with ad money?

    • Daremo

      You are carrying yourself no better than corrupt cops trying to hide the sin of his or her ‘brothers and sisters in blue.’ If anyone is an “overreacting tool” here, it is you. You lack accountability… so I’m helping you with that.

  • I could not agree more, this person is extremely counter productive to the vegan movement. I dread to think what people think of vegans as a whole after a run in with him.

  • Skeptic

    Vegans who are pro choice show their true colours – they are really misanthropes. They have no qualms in killing an unborn child whilst decrying omnivores who eat an animal that wouldn’t otherwise even be alive were it not bred on a farm for eating.

    • Tom Electricnose

      Can you blame humans for hating humans? Hypocrisy, lying, killing, cheating, wasting, destroying the planet.
      It’s much easier to sympathize with animals. Hence also why many go vegan.

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