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Two Anti-Choice Rabble-Rousers Indicted in the Planned Parenthood Case

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Here’s a little bit of justice to kick off your week: two anti-choice activists behind the “Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts” scam video have been indicted by a Houston grand jury. David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress (spoiler alert, the name is lofty considering what the group does) have been indicted for tampering with government records. If that sounds like a serious charge to you, rest assured it is, as it’s a felony that carries the potential for 20 years in prison.

Daleiden and Merritt used phony interviews, hidden cameras, and some Oscars-worthy editing in an attempt to create a video series that proved Planned Parenthood makes a profit off of fetuses. According to federal law, Planned Parenthood is allowed to take donations for processing tissue, but can’t charge money for it.

Planned Parenthood is still being investigated, but it looks like they’re headed towards victory after the hellish year that the Center for Medical Progress has put them through, especially considering this grand jury’s decision.

As for irony, Daleiden was issued a misdemeanor indictment for breaking a law involving the buying and selling of human organs. Whoopsie! Guess he was a pretty good actor.

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  • Jangmi

    Anti-choice?? you’re the ones telling me I don’t have the right to choose my diet! It’s my diet and it’s my choice.

  • Jangmi

    Ecorazzi or EcorNAZI? You’re OK with the selling of HUMAN BABY PARTS: bones, livers and baby hearts…You tell me that humans have less value than pigs. Hitler had compassion for animals and was OK with butchering humans and turning them into lamps.

    Vegan Gains wants to stomp on babie heads!!! Born babies that is! What’s with vegans HATING BABIES??

    You know what? You’re the REASON I eat meat! I have NO guilt eating farm animals knowing that people who value them more than humans like to chop up HUMAN PARTS!!!

    Yummy steak and yummy pork chops. Mm mm much better than BUTCHERED BABY PARTS!!!!



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