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Paltrow and Delevingne hit up “Eco Couture” (ish) Fashion Show

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The Chanel brand loves to make a statement. From Coco herself being an alleged Nazi spy (wtf?) to using Native American headdresses in former collections, they strike us as a fashion line that doesn’t always think things through for the better. Regardless, an attempt was made Tuesday afternoon to try and up their activist factor by hosting a “Eco-Couture” fashion show to kick off their Spring/Summer 2016 line. Noted almond-snacker Gwyneth Paltrow and Cara Delevingne were both attendees. Delevingne brought her canine companion along, who couldn’t be reached for comment, but I’ll assume the whole thing probably went over his head.

The line was put together by Karl Lagerfeld who also made sure to let us know that ecologists “don’t take care of their appearance.” As long as you’re fighting the good fight, I personally don’t care how pretty you are, but Chanel probably does. “Ecology is something that’s never been used in high luxury before,” he noted. That’s probably because it’s a branch of science, (is he thinking of environmentalism?) but hey, what do we know? We aren’t noted designers. “Bees are an endangered species, I so took a load of them and stuck them on the dresses,” Lagerfeld also said, referring to a look-alike attache. Uh, okay. Deep thoughts.

All of the outfits made for the event were created out of wood shavings and straw, which we would like to see more of, but given the fashion industry, we aren’t betting on it. Greenwashing isn’t cool, and it looks like Tuesday’s fashion show is a prime example of an activist movement being made “couture.”

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