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Hog Farmers in Hysterics over Vegan Butchers

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Vegan butchers are here, and carnivores are pretty damn afraid of them. In her latest blog post, magazine editor Cheryl Day attempts to work readers of National Hog Farmer into a frenzy, calling the Herbivorous Butcher unethical and raging against the ways they are “tricking” flesh eaters into eating plant-sourced mock meats and cheeses. Honestly, if you go into an establishment with “Herbivorous” in the title and someone successfully tricks you into eating something vegan, I just don’t know what to tell you.

“In a society that seems to strive on being politically correct all the time, do we not see something wrong with a food establishment featuring meat-free meat calling itself a ‘butcher’?” she asks, “Personally as a lover of words, I think that is some special kind of creative wordsmithing and marketing, right there. At the same time, it is just plain unethical and wrong on all levels.” Girl, you are just the Donald Trump of farming advocates, aren’t you? Of course the shop is going to market itself, seeing as it’s a fucking business.

“I am thankful everyday that God gave us the animals and plants to nourish our bodies. Livestock producers do not take the animals they raise for granted and treat them with the utmost respect by passionately caring for them everyday,” she continues, casually throwing some Christianity in there to justify her speciesism. Uh, if you call mass slaughter and violence against animals “passionately caring for them,” I think we need to have our own little girl to girl chat about the semantics you argue in favor of.

Of course, no pro-hog ramblings would be complete without some out of context studies claiming that vegetables are environmentally worse than bacon. Spoiler alert: they aren’t. Sit down, Cheryl.

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  • vegan truth seeker

    “Livestock producers do not take the animals they raise for granted and
    treat them with the utmost respect by passionately caring for them

    I would believe rapists and pedophiles also ‘love’ their victims!

    These people are so stupid (f***, their IQ must be so low) that they make a complete fool of themselves when they talk about these issues…

  • LAWomanSundayAfternoon

    Pitting “creative wordsmithing” against animal slaughter and calling the former “just plain unethical and wrong on all levels while painting the latter as respect and passionate caring…Well, points for creativity….it was a slightly more interesting read than, ” Mmmmm… bacon.”

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