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The Ultimate Vegan Valentines Guide

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So you’re dating a vegan – congrats! Don’t be too scared, it’s 2016 which means ample access to vegan heart-shaped paraphernalia. We know you want to spoil the special someone in your life without killing animals, and we’ve got your back. With only ten business days between us and the big day, you’ve better get to work.

Dining Out
Knowing what your sweetie loves will help you narrow down choices for a restaurant. Some valentines want candle lit dinners, comprised of bread boards and hand pulled pasta. Others are going to lose their shit if you bring them to a place that painstakingly cuts their pepper-phony in to hearts. Study his or her eating habits, you have multiple opportunities in a day, and then consult happycow.net for suggestions. Also check out some of Ecorazzi’s fave restaurant in major cities below.

New York
Formal: Candle 79
Casual: Champs Diner
Washington, DC
Formal: Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
Casual: Nuvegan (formally Woodlands)
Los Angeles
Formal: Crossroads Kitchen
Casual: Doomie’s Home Cookin’
Formal: Tori’s Bakeshop
Casual: The Hogtown Vegan
Formal: Kathryn’s Cooked
Casual: Chicago Diner

Dining In
Some would argue (me) that cooking a homemade vegan feast is more impressive than any chef’s special. But that only applies when the meal isn’t burnt. Don’t panic, the internet is overflowing with easy vegan recipes. Check out some of our favourite recipes blogs below. Any recipe can be appropriate on this sentimental day if you serve it on a doily.

Oh She Glows
Vegan Richa
This Rawsome Vegan Life
Connoisseurus Veg


Beet salad by Oh She Glows

Gone are the days of thinking a trip to the aquarium is romantic. If you’re not afraid to break the bank, or spend more than three hours face to face with your date, check out these kickass ways to spend a night or a weekend.

Visit a Vegan farm
Piebird Vegan Farm Sanctuary is an amazing example of a vegan escape. Most sanctuaries will have daytime tours, or overnight visits where getting to know rescued animals is going to steal your thunder. Bonus points if you date someone who wouldn’t be disappointed by the opportunity to volunteer once there.

A photo posted by Piebird Farm Sanctuary (@piebird_farm_sanctuary) on

Take a Vegan Food Tour
Food tours are a good way to eat a lot of food in a short amount of time. Play tourist and get led to the best your city has to offer, OR take the reigns and bakery, bar, or restaurant hop from vegan place to vegan place. Wear stretchy pants.

Take a Vegan Cooking Class
The old adage says “give a vegan a tofu pulled pork sandwich and they’ll eat for a day, but teach a vegan to make tofu pulled pork sandwiches and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” Search your city for classes, or pressure your favourite restaurants to let you and your loved on in the kitchen. I have a soft spot for Doug McNish’s classes.

Since receiving itchy Christmas sweaters has a bad rap, use this hallmark holiday as an opportunity to get them something they’ll actually want to wear.

Herbivore clothing
Nicora Shoes

Shop BEETxBEET.com for all your #crueltyfree #fashion 👢 @nicorashoes #Mondayvibes #vegan #party #meow #unicorn #plantbased #whatveganswear #vegansofig #meatlessmonday #compassion #style #shoes #veganshoes #tshirt #govegan

A photo posted by beetxbeet (@beetxbeet) on

A photo posted by nicorashoes (@nicorashoes) on

Sexy Stuff
It’s the holiday of love, after all!

Purrfect Pineapples Lingerie
Glyde Vegan condoms and lubes

A photo posted by Purrfect Pineapples Lingerie🍍✨ (@purrfectpineapples) on

When you’re gifting vegan chocolate and candy, it means you can’t run to the drugstore last minute. Hey, it’s a good thing. Not only are you going to get the one who holds your affection something tasty, it’s got thought behind it. Just don’t overlook shipping times.

Sacred Chocolate
Pascha Chocolate
JJ’s Sweets Cocomels
Sweet & Sara

A photo posted by Sacred Chocolate (@sacredchocolate) on

A photo posted by Sweet & Sara (@sweetandsara) on

This one has the potential for serious bonus points. We’ve been made to believe that growing, cutting down, and barely keeping roses alive for a few days is romantic. Fuck that! Get on the bandwagon with succulents, air plants, and cacti, and make the sort of desktop terrarium your partner will wish they could live in. If you’re not feeling DIY-ish, just slap a bow on these.


The food and gifts are nice, but if we don’t use this excuse to spew the heartfelt stuff, what’s the point? Thing is, store bought cards are lame almost all of the time. I’m not help here – go get some pen and paper and scribble something nice down. If you’re ready to give up, buy this card.

nutirional yeast card

Vegan Education
This is the part where you go wild and bring home some of the coolest vegan products without worrying if they fit the mold. Bonding over a great cruelty free gift is true love, after all.

Support vegan filmmakers, and help back up your dates vegan arguments. Earthlings and Cowspiracy are both great options! You decide if the material is romantic enough for a valentine’s screening.

Bonus points to date underline or highlight the important parts for their date. You can’t go wrong with Gary Francione’s Library, or a solid vegan cookbook. For the academic, splurge on some of these comprehensive collections. If you want to have a good laugh, we love Vegan Sidekick.


You might not be able to draw an accurate portrait of the one who holds you affection, but you can still frame something pretty for their walls. Alba Paris makes some beautiful, vegan pieces!

A photo posted by Alba Paris Art {Vegan Store} (@albaparis) on

Not a bad list, huh? I know you’re probably wondering if this is just my wish list. Apart from the farm sanctuary I plan on having built for me one day, these choices are all a pretty great start, suitors of the world! And don’t be afraid to follow this guide for birthdays, solstices, or really big apologies. Happy shopping!

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    You may also want to google the artwork of Twyla Francois. She has been instrumental in the Canadian Animal Rights movement and her paintings/prints are outstanding! I have some car magnets featuring her pritns that I put on my fridge and they are just fantastic. Supporting one of our own is great. You can also look for a vegan massage therapist and book an appointment, for example.

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