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Ohio’s law to make sex with animals illegal is not about the animals

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Animal welfare regulation is a slippery slope. Laws and regulations exist to help our society feel comfortable with killing animals for food and other products.  In Ohio, two state lawmakers are working on a bill to outlaw having sexual relations with animals, something still happening legally in eleven states.

WCPO Cincinnati reports that Ohio prohibits animal cruelty by law, but that sexual acts don’t fall under the cruelty umbrella. This bill will explicitly outlaw sexual conduct between human and animals, and includes the sale of animals with that same intent.

They report that “The bill has received support from law enforcement agencies, law associations and advocates fighting domestic violence, sexual violence and animal cruelty.” Of course, bestiality is not something that the average person needs convincing not to agree with.

However, it seems the majority of the fear here isn’t for the protection of animals, but for our children (won’t somebody please think about the children). “Approximately 50 percent of individuals who possessed child pornography also possessed images and videos involving sex acts between animals and humans,” Dan Johnson, a sergeant with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said. No surprise here either, terrible people have the capacity to be terrible to humans and to animals.

So once again, we’re faced with whether or not well-meaning vegans should join this mob. With anti-cruelty and anti-rape laws in place in the great majority of states, the commodifying of animals happens no less. Will this bill apply to the aptly named “rape rack” in the dairy industry? Of course not. It may help parents sleep more soundly, and residents of Ohio feel a little less dirty, but at the end of the day, animals will see no tangible benefits here. The majority will still face cruelty, rape, and other unseen injustices while we all worry about penning more laws.

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  • Concerned Joe

    I think alcohol is a much bigger cause for domestic and child abuse, let alone the reason for countless traffic fatalities. BTW, animals need protecting too., but I put humans on a greater scale. If we really wanted to protect society, we would ban alcohol. But what are the odds of that? We live in a strange world that places values on different thing for such different reasons.

    • Lalasunflower

      Hmm, blaming it on booze is quite a victim-blaming mentality.

      • Concerned Joe

        Just saying if legislatures want to protect society, banning alcohol would do a lot more protection. This law does lend itself to victims, those with psychological problems, and before you know it, my tax dollars will be going towards fixing their screwed up minds. Just more govt getting in the way of people’s lives, passing useless laws that will do nothing to protect society,

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