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21 Vegan Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

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Cover photo from Allison’s Gourmet

While some vegans might love a jar of nooch for Valentine’s Day, I’d still garner a guess that the majority are chocolate hungry fiends. I remember desperately reading the labels of many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, heart-broken to find milk in them all. Well lovers, I’ve done the hard (and hanger inducing) research for you. There are twenty one amazing options below! Order quickly, and make sure you’ve got enough to share.

Vegan Treats

Their Fatally Yours Box starts the list because it’s the one I’d most like to open. Nothing says love like coffin and skull chocolates.


Go Max Go

You’ve probably had a Go Max Go bar without realizing it – they’re used in many amazing vegan restaurants. If your date misses store bought chocolate bars, these are incredible rip-offs.

Enjoy Life

If you’re going to make your own chocolate treats, grab some enjoy life baking chocolate. It’ll save you time debating if something that says “may contain milk” is good enough (it’s not). 

Allison’s Gourmet 

Allison’s has tons of attractive, festive options. I’m partial to their vanilla kissed strawberry bark. 



Sjaaks is another company with tons of options. Order something that you can’t easily find elsewhere, ike their salted caramel “melk” chocolate truffles.

Premium Chocolatiers 

Premium Chocolatiers are keeping it classic with large heart truffle boxes. Sometimes, cliche is exactly what the holiday calls for. 


Chocolate Decadence 

Chocolate Decadence isn’t afraid to be traditional either. Except their boxes of chocolate also have chocolate boxes. Amazing!

Dear Coco 

Dear Coco want to get romantic, and that means melting their hot chocolate spoons in to your fave non-dairy milk. Prr.

Missionary Chocolates 

Look for their Pinot Noir hearts. Yup, Valentine’s chocolate you won’t share with the kids. 


Eating Evolved 

Coconut butter cups. That is all. 

Gnosis Chocolate 

Gnosis Chocolate makes healthful chocolate elixirs. Ingite a spark with their passion elixir, complete with “horny goat weed.”

No Cow

When you know your sweetheart wants all the bells and whistles, why not let one gift do double duty? No Cow chocolate roses in full stem are a show stopper. 


Lulus Chocolate 

Lulus love truffles are raw, and ever bit as sinful as you hope the holiday will be.

Rescue Chocolate 

These seemingly standard chocolate hearts are filled with a zingy raspberry ganache. Oh, and they donate 100% of their net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. Spread the love!

Righteously Raw 

When a chocolate bar won’t do, get a basket. Make sure your sweetie has their chocolate fix well in to Easter. 


Nib Mor

Nib Mor has your daily dose of dark chocolate in a seasonal box that features cacao nibs. Real chocolate, real good. 

Nicobella Organics 

Nicobella Organics has your back – order some truffles and get a soy candle with it. Then, experiment to see if candlelight sets the right mood for pigging out!


Wei of Chocolate 

Wei is making chocolate with floral remedies to enhance love, peace, or play. Consider which your date wants most!

Manifest Chocolates 

Manifest has Valentine Candygrams and chocolate dipped strawberries. I think sending secret admirer gifts to your favourite writer is appropriate. 


Divvies lets you eat your heart out on chocolate hearts, but they also have dinosaurs. Hey, you know your Valentine best. 

Obsessive Confection Disorder 

Perhaps the most impressive is saved for last –  23 carat gold rose petal caramel chocolates. Pinkies up!


You don’t need chocolate to celebrate Valentine’s day, but you do need it to live. Pretty sure that’s a hard fact right there. Share your favourite vegan chocolates below!

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    Thank you so much for including @allisonsgourmet:disqus in your vegan Valentine’s Day roundup, Ecorazzi! We’re honored. <3

  • Winthrop

    While we are on the topic of love, here are two excerpts from my “Letters of Love for my Sweet Fanny Lynn Busby:”

    Why oh why do I wish to wax on and on about my sweet and fair Fanny Lynn Busby?

    From her buxom bosom to her blushing cheeks, from her curly flaxen locks to her ample derriere, a million words fail to describe my very reason for living!

    When I am away, I wish to stay, with my sweet Fanny fair, for her I care.

    I could wax on and on
    From dusk til dawn
    About my Sweet Fanny Lynn
    Again and again

    So please beware
    My sweet Fanny fair
    The Whispering Bottom

    For it may
    On any given day
    Release a hot one


    • v freddy

      I love the last verse

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