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Hellmann’s Is The Devil

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Remember when Hellmann’s started a war against Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo? As more people switched from their egg-spread to a plant-based alternative, profits dipped and they decided to cause a kerfuffle over the use of the word “mayo.” Well, since dropping the lawsuit, they’ve decided to make their own egg-free spread. Surprise, surprise.

Hellmann’s parent company, Unilever, is launching a “Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread” to stores later this month. Of course, marketing director Russell Lilly says “this is about is providing choices to the millions of Hellmann’s fans.” Getting more customers is the obvious goal of any good business plan, but this is as clear a “shit, they’re doing well and we’re not” ploy as I’ve ever seen.

Proving that they’re trying their hardest to jump on trend, an organic version of the egg-full stuff will be launching soon too. In essence, they’re working on making something for everyone, despite prematurely leaving a bad taste in vegan mouths.

While a shift in the market can be good news for the release of new vegan substitutes, supporting a company that uses millions of “free-range” eggs a year isn’t going to be an option for this vegan. Here’s hoping the news can bring even more attention to Just Mayo, who has been enjoying the “no publicity is bad publicity” wave for a while now.

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  • The more products that don’t use animal ingredients, the better. Hopefully consumer trends will drive the profitability of animal products downward. Hellman’s is ridiculous, yes, but I’m glad to see there’s competition in plant based products. I don’t think anything will beat Hampton Creek in terms of taste, though. I never cared for mayo as a non-vegan, but I do like Just Mayo!

  • Jojo

    These companies continue to show that they have ZERO idea what the new consumers (Millennials) want and care for from a company in the 21st century. They are learning the hard way, I see, and will continue to do so when they realize that waves of young people will not suddenly go out and buy Hellmann’s mayo now that it is vegan; if anything they will buy Just Mayo MORE aggressively to spite them. Case in point? Respect your new younger consumer base rather than trying to mold them into what consumers 50 years ago wanted. Now the newer consumers want more eco-friendly products, more humane products and less B.S., or at the very least are interested in these issues. Now is the time for these companies to start paying attention because if they are first to adapt, they will be very well off, but if they continue to fight it like Hellmann’s tried, by suing Hampton Creek, they are going to be left in the dust.

  • Yea this was bizarre to me. Anyone who buys vegan mayo wouldn’t buy Hellmann’s and anyone who buys Hellmann’s wouldn’t buy vegan mayo.

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