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Bernie Sanders isn’t Vegan, and I’m Heartbroken

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I’ll forgo every bit of journalistic integrity I ever dreamed of having and just lay it out there for you: I love Bernie Sanders, and I’ve become personally invested in his presidential campaign. What totally destroys me, however, is that my beloved Bern-in-ator eats a ton of meat and shows no signs of going vegan. During the Iowa caucus the other evening, it was reported that Google’s top trending question from Iowans, was, “is Bernie Sanders a vegan?” Nope!

Folks seem perplexed as to why Sanders has such an excellent pro-animal voting record, yet consumes animal products. In fact, his score with the Humane Society Legislative Fund last year was perfect. It just goes to show that caring about the regulation of animal exploitation does not a vegan make, and those who take part in speciesism can easily find themselves concerned with the regulation of animal consumption.

Of course, Sanders is feeling the gout as much as I’m feeling the Bern, so cutting meat and dairy out of his diet is a fantastic idea, as the illness is linked to the overconsumption of meat.

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  • rusty57

    This just proves i’ll click on anything.

    • Lalasunflower

      i’m glad to have you here, pal.

  • vegan truth seeker

    There’s a ‘simple’ solution for that problem: try to contact Mr. Bernie Sanders’ staff and try to somehow convey to him all the basic information about the advantages of being vegan and about the cruelty involving the animal industry.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll be receptive to at least take a look into veganism 🙂

    • Lalasunflower

      You don’t have a disqus acct, but I always like you comments, VTS!

      • vegan truth seeker

        Thanks 😉

  • Charles_Higley


    Being vegan is to deny that we are 95% carnivore and not meant to have that much roughage or carbohydrates. Plant food sources were mostly seasonal, only Summer and Fall. Like bears, we would fatten up on berries and fruit to prepare for winter. That is why we are predisposed to convert carbohydrates to fat so easily—e.g., the obesity epidemic.

    It is dangerous to be vegan, as it is very difficult and expensive to make sure one has all the needed essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. For most people it leads to long term malnutrition and malaise, often 10–12 years out. Fetal development problems are also a problem and pregnant vegan women are encouraged to eat meat during pregnancy, for the good of the child.

    There is a phrase said in India, “Red Meat Causes War.” No, but when one is malnourished and weak, it is difficult to stand up to one’s oppressors. But, if healthy and strong, one says “No” to oppression and actively resists.

    • Hunting is no longer how a majority of Americans, for that matter all of humanity, survives. After you’ve had your first triple bypass, you might reconsider what you consume.
      We have to co understand what is happening to our world as well as our bodies, the staggering amount of resources needed to insure the convenient cheeseburger is a truth that we are choking on!
      Whoever said that going vegan is dangerous and difficult hasn’t checked out the modern world. Nor is it an accurate statement to imply veganism equates with weakness. I know some pretty “cut” vegan men and women I would be afraid to call “weak” to their faces!

    • vegan truth seeker


      All that you’ve written are lies!!
      You’re obviously spreading lies for some unknown reason but at least you could come up with better ones…

      “we are 95% carnivore”
      We are not carnivores, even most animal eaters claim we’re omnivores…
      We’re 100 herbivores and our teeth and long intestine are proof of that.

      “Plant food sources were mostly seasonal”
      Obviously, but there were always numerous different vegetables and fruits throughout the entire year, not to mention that we now have access to most of them all year round because of modern agriculture!

      “It is dangerous to be vegan, as it is very difficult and expensive”
      Yeah, tell that to most vegans who are extremely healthy… not to mention several studies that have confirmed that the vegan diet is one of the healthiest there is!

      Expensive? Do you know what people eat in developing countries? Mostly vegetables and fruits! They can’t afford meat!
      Vegetables and fruits are vegan food in case you haven’t figured it out by now!

      ” Fetal development problems are also a problem and pregnant vegan women are encouraged to eat meat during pregnancy,”
      Again, a blatant lie! There is no real study confirming that, on the contrary!

      “but when one is malnourished and weak”
      Have you not heard of high competition athletes who are vegan!?

      At least nest time come up with better lies or educate yourself so you don’t make a complete fool of yourself again!!!

      Oh, and I only wasted my time replying because non-veg*an people could read your comment and believe it to be true!

  • goodone

    I thought he might be because he speaks out against global warming so much and the meat industry is such a big contributor 🙁

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