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Rodeo Attendees Cool With Exploiting Animals, As Long as It’s Not A Monkey

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Cover photo from Whiplash’s FB page

The people of Minnesota want Whiplash the monkey to come down from his dog, and quit showbiz for good.

Yup, there’s a rodeo troupe called Worlds Toughest Rodeo, and following a performance in Minnesota last weekend, The Minnesota Federated Humane Societies was contacted. A capuchin monkey that has been heralded as a “cowboy hero” by his owner Kenny Petet, Whiplash rides border collies that sprint up to 30 miles per hour. This spurred audience members to rally MFHS in fear that Whiplash was at “risk for a traumatic brain injury.” Or y’know, an injury like his namesake.

Well, a stern letter was written to the city and Samuel J. Clark, the St. Paul city attorney, insists cruelty laws aren’t being broken here. Even Keith Streff, the senior humane agent for the Animal Humane Society’s Humane Investigations team, thinks it’s all good.

“Good ol’ Whiplash. If there’s a violation of law and probable cause to support it, we would get involved,” he said. “As of now, it’s an ideological issue, not a legal issue, and there’s nothing we can do about that.”

And that ideological issue is exactly what I want to bring to your attention. Explain to me, how in an exhibition in which cowboys show off riding broncos, roping calves, wrestling steers, branding, and other completely unnecessary “skills,” can someone be mad about a single monkey? People who actively paid and attended this sideshow can’t bare to see a monkey preform, but will hoot and holler at the use of cattle, horses, dogs, and other “cowboy appropriate” showmanship animals?

Rodeos are solely based on exploiting animals for entertainment, so are these unhappy spectators advocating that the end of Whiplash’s act can mean the rest of the show can go on? Even a rodeo-clown can see the incredible hypocrisy of demanding one animal be sparred, while celebrating the use of many others.

This isn’t the first time Whiplash has stolen the spotlight from his co-stars, but hopefully his stardom can help convince people not to attend the next time the rodeo comes to town.

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  • vegan truth seeker

    hillbillies… enough said!!!

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