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Rancher Thinks Beef ≠ Death

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Here we go again.

Amanda Radke has taken to beef magazine to, well, start some beef. After animal activists showed up to protest the 2016 Cattle Industry and Convention in San Diego, she decided to contest their “beef = death” argument with a “beef = PROTEIN” (and therefore health and happiness) theory. She actually goes much, much further by drumming up old studies about how depressed vegans are. I don’t think that’s from the b12 deficiency we all have, but from having to deal with these sudo-science “facts” being regurgitated to us time and time again.

I’m well aware that in saying anything at all, I’ve labelled myself one of Amanda’s “trolling” vegan activists. Thing is, I’m not in the mood to argue about how much water animal agriculture uses, or whether eating vegetables can help reduce cancer. The bone I want to pick is with Amanda trying to champion meat by arguing that vegans use beef by-products.

The typical meat eater “GOTCHA” excitement when it comes to calling out vegans is so confusing. It’s like saying “see, you’re just like me,” and that is somehow an argument for not making better choices. Yes Amanda, I think vegans are making better choices because they’re actively living against violence. Whether that includes the kind of “slip ups” we can’t avoid, like animal products in car tires or not, we’re still not supporting the industry you hold so dear.

She seems frustrated with the “nonsense” that affluent consumers aren’t all buying in to the raising and slaying of billions of animals for our selfish use. If she were able to remember that vegans are’t doing it for health, she might see that the claim “beef = death” is actually not such a big one. It’s incredibly small, accurate, and something the cattle industry has never worked to deny. Can you imagine beef farmers claiming “nooooooooo they’re just sleeping on your plate?” While everyone already knows that animals die for human use, these activists just wanted to remind folks like Amanda who seem to have forgotten that. For you to thrive in the industry, an animal is used. Bottom line. It’s not about us living longer, being happier, or controlling the health of people. Those are all just beautiful benefits. 

It’s cool, take to social media all you like. Air out your grievances for our health, and our well being, while parenting us on what’s best for us. I guarantee that not only are you not swaying any vegans, you may be lobbying for a few meat-eaters to making the switch, after reading that the bottom line argument to continue eating meat in your entire piece is to support the beef industry. No thanks. 

BEEF = complete & nourishing protein source; plentiful beef by-products like insulin, deodorant, crayons, makeup, baseballs, belts, boots, and more; a livelihood for ranchers who manage lands that are too rocky or rough for crops or homes; and a way of life that’s rich in tradition, self-reliance, passion & respect for the responsibility of feeding people & caring for animals. BEEF = death? Hmmm, I don’t think so. #cutelittleprotest #beefmeet #cic2016

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