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Blogger Eats Vegan for 7 Days, Gets a Tummy Ache and Argues She’s Not Morally Against Meat

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I’ve made it my day job to help people convert to living a vegan lifestyle. Do it! But when I come across blogs from people who “try out” vegan food, be it a meal, week, or month, I squirm as they give reviews. So when I was shared Chaunie Brusie’s experience with a week long experiment of eating vegan, there was a serious amount of facepalm action. Read it, and tell me if you agree.

The blog starts with her deciding to forgo animal products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because “the coolest celebrities are vegan” and “I’ve wanted to try because it seems like one of those healthy, do-good things that adults do, like meditate and do yoga daily.” A popular, media perpetrated myth, Ecorazzi readers know that we aren’t vegan for the health benefits. Someone should have told her that she wasn’t vegan for the week, just plant-based. We do love yoga, though.

Chaunie claims she’s not a meat person, but also has to make it known that she loves bacon (how typical). As she takes off on her “vegan” meal plan, she warns us that she’s going to eat boring. Her definition of boring includes overnight oats, cilantro heavy salads, “the most delicious soup of all time,” and hummus. The pictures aren’t too appetizing, and the portions look appropriate for a vegan child. But she still pats herself on the back for not feeling meat temptations.

Despite claiming her excitement to cook, she promptly turns to a vegan meal replacement drink mix. That choice was later regretted, when she got a stomach ache and a letter from the FDA investigating the drink for salmonella. Cool, another thing for meat-eaters to fear, even though vegans don’t require or prefer meal replacements. She has tried meal replacement shakes for weight loss before and enjoyed it so this experience hasn’t put her off. But she now she will try some vegan mac and cheese, or a black bean burger the next time she thinks vegan food can’t fill her up.

Look, with her Dad on a vegan kick (following a Netflix marathon) on her one side, and her husband raising pigs and cows for meat on the other, I’m not surprised she’s confused. But proudly declaring “I’m not opposed to meat for any moral reason” at this end of this post really puts the nail in the animal-coffin for me. Vegans don’t pretend to own lettuce, carrots, and cauliflower. Meat-eaters looking for greater health shouldn’t pretend to be vegan for any amount of time. Before you go insulting our beloved coconut milk coffee creamers, consider what impact you might be having on impressionable and curious readers. Unless not being vegan isn’t enough, and your goal is keep other people from joining our dark side, too. At least we both agree on peanut butter balls being awesome, Chaunie.

Remember, going vegan is a lot more than just cutting animal products from your meal plan. Learn how to go vegan, for realsies, here.

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    I would have like for her to describe what else she ate, at the “meals” that weren’t pictutred. This is just a typical “toe-dipper” who decides that salad, hummus, meal replacements and cauliflower soup is a “vegan” diet. I knew what the outcome would be when all she talked about was what other “lifestyles” she’s been dabbling with (Whole30, Paleo etc).

    I just hope this isn’t the first result when doing a google search for “vegan diet”. It’s definately not a vegan diet, except for wanna-be celebrities and dabblers.

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