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Activists are fighting for Oatmeal the Blind Steer

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You’ve probably heard the news over the last few days that a blind steer named Oatmeal, raised as an FFA project, was sold at show to slaughter. This is the norm for Future Farmers of America who aim to teach children and young adults the ways of animal husbandry, and ultimately desensitize them to the death of their animal companion. Children raise a young farm animal from birth, show them at fair, and have them auctioned off, and the photos are always soul-crushing. Kendyll Williams, just thirteen years old, was pictured weeping as she bid goodbye to the blind steer that wasn’t supposed to amount to much.


In Fort Worth Texas, Kendyll’s grandmother spoke to the close bond that Oatmeal and Kendyll shared. “I don’t know what she says to him, but he responds to her like no other steer I’ve seen. When he hears her voice, or even just smells her, you can see his whole body just relax,” she told the Star Telegram. It’s devastating to read those words and realize that the whole time, Kendyll was expected to bring her beloved steer to auction and slaughter. Rowdy Girl sanctuary has raised the necessary funds to rescue Oatmeal, but is waiting with bated breath to hear if the livestock show will be willing to give him up. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for FFA. Children sob and cling to their beloved animal partners as adults smile and shake their heads, thrilled to be desensitizing youth and reminiscing about the days when they participated, too.

As always at Ecorazzi, we encourage readers to care not just about a steer because he is disabled and raised with love, but to fight for the rights of all animals to exist freely.



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  • Lance Goober

    As someone who lives here in Ft. Worth and who drives past the Stock Show cattle barns every day…I can tell you that this is the saddest month of the year. I’ve lived here 30 years and this year I decided to try and help this steer. I can think of no greater betrayal than to sell a being you love for money. And I can think of no worst lesson for parents to teach their children than that this is ok and expected. Some have said that beef is just part of the food chain. It doesn’t have to be.

  • vegan truth seeker

    How much more fuc*** up can humans get?
    Seriously? WTF?

    This is not different from any other kind of child abuse!!!
    They let a child get attached to an animal so that later on that animal can be sold for slaughter?
    I just hope all those children become vegan and not zombies with no empathy for others as those who promote this FFA project desire.

    Non-veg*ans are truly fuc*** up!!!

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