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Daily Express claims that not eating bacon leads to hair loss

Daily Express claims that not eating bacon leads to hair loss

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Ah, yes. Another online magazine with wild claims and hysterical writing. The time, Daily Express is expressing their frustration with the vegan diet using the headline, “EXCLUSIVE: NOT eating BACON could make you lose your HAIR.” I’ll say a tiny prayer that Charles Lidguard and his editors at Daily Express find some peace within themselves and cool it with the caps lock.

Grammar aside, let’s get into the core of the article: Lidguard touts veganism as being a super trendy diet right now, name dropping a few A-list celebrities, and of course, yogis who instagram. “You also can’t escape the vegan way of life on TV shows, in magazines and on social media,” he writes, and on the contrary, we find the vegan takeover to be PRETTY awesome. Lidguard drops a bomb when he cherry picks a single clinic, The Private Clinic of Harley Street, as having an influx of vegan patients who are losing their hair. Don’t you love it when writers forget the existence of statistical evidence and jump to a single source?

Dr. Thormy Kouremada-Zioga, a hair transplant surgeon whose background is likely NOT in nutrion, claims that “Hair loss and hair thinning can be directly linked to a vegan diet. Nutritional imbalances associated with a vegan diet can cause the patient’s hair to become brittle and to break easily.” I don’t know, doc, sounds like you’ve just got a few patients who are either treating themselves poorly or perhaps, most likely, using sulfate-heavy shampoos and products instead of investing in healthy hair-care. Hair loss can be tied to a myriad of issues, including genetics, menopause, or trauma. She touts seitan and almond milk as being very pro-hair loss foods and says it’s like “eating inflammation.” Slow down, lady, have you zero knowledge of the typical non-vegan diet? 

Vegans, to keep your mane looking fantastic, consider supplementing with plant-based vitamins and hopping on the coconut oil bandwagon. For me, I’m growing my side-shave back out, and my hair has literally never been more healthy than since I’ve rocked the vegan lifestyle. Trust me, I’m one of those vegan Instagrammers Lidguard speaks of, and I gotta keep it looking good for my wild and demanding fanbase.

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  • Studies like this are so ridiculous because they generalize *everything*. I transitioned to veganism about a year ago, and I actually have been having issues with hair loss and breakage over the past couple of months. However, it’s *not* from being vegan. It’s because I’ve been working extra hours lately and therefore not prepping proper meals — defaulting to either not eating, or grabbing take-out for my single meal-a-day.

    Any diet can be as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like. I had a roommate who was vegan but ate only (I’m not exaggerating) sugary cereals and almond milk. She barely touched vegetables. This isn’t a problem with veganism; it’s an individual problem.

    Thanks for this awesome article and sharing these ludicrous claims from Daily Express!

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