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Huge-ass prehistoric bird was most likely Team Vegan

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Scientists have uncovered evidence of a big-ass dinosaur sized prehistoric bird that used to roam the Earth long before humans, and the best part? It was on Team Vegan. As someone who gets skittish around the regular unruly city pigeon, the idea of a bird with a “head the size of a horses’” makes me a wee bit twitchy, but at the same time, I love the idea of someone asking it where it gets its protein from.

From the University of Colorado Boulder: The confirmation comes from a new study by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and the University of Colorado Boulder that describes the first and only fossil evidence from the Arctic of a massive bird known as Gastornis. The evidence is a single fossil toe bone of the 6-foot tall, several-hundred-pound bird from Ellesmere Island above the Arctic Circle.” Six feet and seven hundred pounds, Hot DAMN. That bird was big as fuck, and I love it already.
Not vegan enough for you? “Originally thought to be a fearsome carnivore, recent research indicates Gastornis probably was a vegan, using its huge beak to tear at foliage, nuts, seeds and hard fruit.” I for one, fantasize about me and my Gastornis BFF sharing some mock chicken wings down the street and starting some kind of vegan supper club.

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