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A cow truck overturned in Virginia, and folks were concerned about traffic

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Tuesday, in Frederick County, Virginia, a tractor trailer carrying livestock overturned on the highway, killing six cattle. Of course, focus was on the traffic delays it caused, and not the fact that the truck was packed to the brim with thirty-three cows who were on their way to an even deeper circle of hell. Corinne Geller of the Virginia State Police told CBS affiliate WTVR, “The truck was loaded with cattle, which have broken free of the trailer and are wandering around the interstate. Police and fire crews are on scene rounding up the cattle. Delays and road closures continue in this area.”

She also lauded state troopers for the “great lengths” they went through to treat the cows humanely. A veterinarian was called to the scene to assess the survivors, and clear them for pick up and transport. Such a very, very strange world. It’s reminiscent of the 35,000 dairy cows killed by blizzard in the American Southwest in January, where instead of discussing the atrocity of the industry, folks were more concerned about profit loss.
Of course, this could have all been avoided by- you guessed it- the end of animal exploitation. In Virginia, cow, chicken, and pig trucks are common road-mates on any trip.

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