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I’m Losing My Nerdy Mind For This Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with Jabba The Hutt on It

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It’s a rare and special day when the vegan world collides with the Star Wars galaxy. Yuki Kitchen has made a Jabba The Hutt Shepard’s Pie, and I’m ready to don a slave Leia outfit just to get close to it.


Tattooine might be a destination known for it’s Blue Milk, but I bet at least a couple of Jedi would forgo Bantha dairy to take down a mashed potato crime lord. The pie is mainly made up of hearty lentils, mushrooms, and okuras, a Japanese okra. The veggie heavy dish is then imprisoned by a mash potato pile that doesn’t have to try hard to replicate the large, slug like alien. Seaweed is cut with lightsaber precision to make his signature double chin, and matcha powder gives him a slimy-green hue.

When it comes to speaking Huttese and doing your best Jabba impression, a mouthful of shepherd’s pie might actually help. But if you’re going after Han Solo, the carbs might leave you feeling a bit sluggish. Get it?!


Get the full recipe here, and start training to be a shepherd’s pie master.

“Yavoo to Jabba the Hutt!” That’s “hail to Jabba the Hutt.” May he convince a few more foodies to join veganism, the rebel alliance of the recipe world.

Be sure to check out Yuki’s website, Yuki Kitchen, and her Facebook page for more delicious, nerdy recipes. Now if you don’t mind me, I have a fridge to raid that’s far, far away.

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