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Non-Vegan thinks vegans are on a “Jihad” against her

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Here we go again – another non-vegan voice telling us that wanting to save animals is extremist and in this case, a “jihad.”

Nothing sets the tone for this free-speech smackdown quite like racism towards Muslims. Fionola Meredith recently took to the Belfast Telegraph to beg us all to stop tugging at her conscience. In the rant, she picks at the first vegan campaign in Europe (by Go Vegan Ireland), hints that Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy is out to get her, and seems very confused about the process of osmosis.

Basically, Fionola hates that she has been subjected to the truth about where she gets her “ethically sourced” meat (that doesn’t exist). She considers billboard advertisements of locked up and miserable animals to be another vegan attempt to shove views down her throats, but I want to know if vegans have a right to argue the same for the endless berating of advertisements for food, clothing, and other non-vegan items. Surely, we can agree to end that one vegan campaign in exchange for all the bacon paraphernalia that exists in the world? Consider for a moment that a single vegan campaign is not really that intrusive on your life, except for the part where it’s been chewing on your conscience long enough to encourage you to post in rebellion.

She decides to go grade school on our asses, telling us that animals can’t talk – by which I think she means can’t speak English. Regardless, she tries to foil our attempts by insinuating that not knowing what they’re saying means they could, quite possibly, be begging us to kill and use them when they’re oink, cluck, and mooing.  It’s probably true, vegans have got it all wrong, and animals are secret masochists who just want some fodder for their fifty shades of hay parody.

But before we get too angry with Fionola, she does the whole “but don’t worry, I have vegan friends” play. I wonder how excited those friends are to be included in her list of “nutters.” But then again, she doesn’t mind a quiet vegan who keeps to themselves, hoarding the pickled carrots. It’s just the loud and troublesome ones like me that grind her gears. Let me break it down for you further, Fionola, to save your “friends” the trouble. There’s no such thing as ethical meat, you can’t eat meat and care about animal welfare, and chickpea brine is SO much better than chicken menstruation. When you’ve figured out that the battle you have in opposition of veganism is one not truthful to how you really feel, you’ll come to our team. And we’ll teach you how to speak to, er, for animals.

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