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Red meat and heart failure? Of course.

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Red meat is not-so-shockingly being linked to heart disease in a new study based out of the UK. To break down some science, what researchers are seeing is a high level of TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide), a waste product that is produced during the breakdown of red meat in the human body, in the hearts of patients who have diets high in red meat. Fresh after previous news released by the WHO about meat, I wonder if this will consider any meat consumers to reconsider unhealthy and unethical choices.

In a study in at the University Hospitals of Leicester, 1000 patients were studied. Patients with acute heart failure showed higher levels of the oxidised metabolite TMAO in those that died or had a repeat admission to hospital with heart failure within the first year. Our study shows higher levels of TMAO, a metabolite of carnitine derived from red meat, is associated with poorer outcomes associated with acute heart failure, one of the main diseases of the heart,” Professor Toru Suzuki told Mirror UK.
Of course, a solid foundation in ethical veganism should always be a priority, and it always helps to drop some knowledge about how incredibly unhealthy animal products are to start that conversation!

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