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‘FUR IS TOXIC’ but so are the other animal products at London Fashion Week

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It’s Fashion week in London, and fur protestors have donned their best gas masks to interrupt it.

The first protest staged against the fashion mob saw nearly nude PETA representatives in little more than gas masks, electrical tape, and “fur is toxic” signs. The Telegraph reports it as the backlash following the International Fur Federation’s boasting of having 80 percent of the catwalk shows featuring fur items.

So I’m still wondering why fur continues to be the most hated animal clothing product on protestors minds. I’m certain that wool, leather, and silk will be featured quietly alongside the more in-your-face animal hides. I’ve spoken out on the trouble with single issue campaigns before, something emphasized by the stat that Retail analysts Edited reported; 117 per cent more real fur products were released into the fashion market in the past three months, compared to this time in 2015.

While PETA insists that a poll showed 95 per cent of British women wouldn’t touch it, furthering the sexism in the fur industry, I’m sure that number would be different if leather, wool, and silk were the products in question.

Once again, we are reminded that unless the message is veganism, animal use will remain something people subjectively assign degrees of violence to. We cannot hope to see the end of Lynx jackets if we don’t also encourage the choice to avoid all animal products.

Here’s hoping someone offers the stripped down advocates a warm, faux fur coat, and some sharpies – so they can add “GO VEGAN” to their crotch-signs. 

Photo from The Telegraph

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  • fabien

    leather is in majority cowhide – its a byproduct. As long as people eat meat, leather will be available in the market while the cycle of death that is fur production, exits because (a part) of the fashion industry refuse to work with faux fur. Everyboby knows that.
    But this 80% the fur industry is boasting about, is pure marketing manipulation. faux fur has been incredibly successful this last couple of years while the real fur sector has declined.

    • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

      Faux fur is made of toxic petrochemicals. If your agenda was truly the protection of animals and the environment, then you would not be promoting fake fur.

      • fabien

        So what ? real fur is loaded with formaldehyde, nonylphenol and hexavalent chromium. All those components come from the petrochemical industry.
        At least faux fur do not support intensive farming and confinement of animals in battery cages. So faux fur is clearly the best option. Do you have a car ?

      • Denis Alvarez

        Dude what is your deal?? Are you a fur lobbyist or some shit?! You need to fucking chill out and stop obsessing over murdering animals

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