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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Confuse Vegans By Starting a Sanctuary

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It’s hard to be excited about non-vegans opening up sanctuaries, even famous ones.

This time, it’s Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who are proudly announcing the off-beat Hollywood move. New Idea reports that the star couple have converted their Tennessee farm, in memory of the late Steve Irwin.

Okay – so let me get this straight. Non-vegans are going to rescue some animals, in the name of a guy who used to hunt and exploit them? The couple claim they want to raise their two daughters in nature, the way Steve’s children were raised. So, they’ll house horses, cows, raccoons, deer, pigs, rattlesnakes and skunks on their 3.5 million dollar farm while serving animals for dinner 25km away at their Nashville mansion. They probably won’t hang up their cowboy boots, either. 

You can see my conundrum? It’s great to know some animals are going to get star treatment, but it’s hard to celebrate knowing the family will still happily continue to contribute to unnecessary animal use in the rest of their lives. I hope that Keith, Nicole, and their children can make the connection for themselves, and go vegan.

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  • JeanetteTK

    Soooo, people who eat meat are not allowed to love animals?

    • Lalasunflower

      If you support the abuse and exploitation of animals, you definitely don’t love them. You like a few, but you’re not an “animal lover” as much as you’re supporting mass slaughter. Hate to disappoint!

    • Laurie

      Commodifying, confining, sexually abusing through breeding, separating mothers & babies, thwarting natural behaviors, slaughtering, dismembering, eating and excreting someone is not love.

    • Thomas Ve

      But you don’t you say that to make yourself feel better!

      • Thomas Ve

        Meat you eat is animal living being Who wants to live.

  • Guest

    I don’t believe this story at all, Idea magazine are always full of lies, they starting the lies spreading the rumors.

    • Guest

      Sorry, that New Idea Magazine, my mistake.

  • 1urbanfan27

    I was told by an area realtor that the property had been listed for sale…

  • Guest

    To: all the people , whom believed this article or any articles, don’t knows Keith and Nicole, theirs trusts and bonds are so strong and theirs faiths, listen to, Once in a lifetime, Thank You, and theirs favor is My heart will go on, listen to the meaning of the songs. It’s true love. May you both have 50 or more years, together.

  • lilauska

    There is no question that you do not love animals if you still lust for the taste of animal flesh and blood. Maybe you like to keep a few animals as pets but it is not love.

  • Thomas Ve

    Do meat eater realise how they sound when they say I love animals! I believe they don’t they are brainwashed in to believing cow is a food without feelings it’s unbelievable!

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