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This is like Making a Murderer, But With Pit Bulls

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Pit bulls will have their day in court.

The National Post reports that several lawyers are trying to intervene in a dogfighting case to save the canine participants, alongside the lawyer representing four people accused of running the alleged dogfighting ring.

Last October, police in southwestern Ontario and the OSPCA raided a home and seized 31 pit bulls, a breed banned in the province. They were incarcerated and now face death – all because of what someone else chose to do with them. 

Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, told the paper that similar organizations stepped in to work with nearly 50 dogs from the infamous Michael Vick case. “All except for one of the Michael Vick dogs were successfully rehabilitated,” she said. “That case goes to show the amazing progress dogs can take when given half a chance.”

Elizabeth Quinto, a lawyer in Cambridge, Ontario, will help represent several dog rescue and animal rights organizations and says, “I want the OSPCA to allow a third party, a reputable rescue or reputable behaviour assessment specialist, to come in, positively assess the dogs and be able to allow rescues to take them out of the province.” I image no one would argue that dogs trained to fight are the product of humans, and that their participation isn’t a conscious choice. 

Usually, under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, euthanasia of dogs would be determined after the trial, but the team is working to do things more quickly as three dogs have already met their fate.

So what does this mean for animal rights? Will it be possible for other used animals to lawyer up, and have their voices represented before a judge? If that’s the case, I think a calf would have a much stronger argument, then a dog fighter. Rescuing dogs, however, continues to have a strong priority when we consider how speciesist our society is towards them.

I do sincerely hope that the dogs involved find freedom from their tormentors, and the laws of Ontario, and that this case acts a precedent for many more animals who have been unfairly use by humans. Maybe we’ll see a ‘Making a Murderer’ type series with animals who have found themselves behind bars because of corruption. 

Want to help end injustice towards animals? Go vegan!

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  • cooki2581

    Did anyone else find this article very confusing?

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