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Families in Ireland are going vegan

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Veganism is spreading at a rapid pace in Ireland, and families are deciding to make the jump together. What was across Europe once an exceedingly difficult lifestyle to maintain is now reaching the mainstream, just as it has in the United States. The Irish Independent weighed in on what is still, in the country, seen as a somewhat controversial, with an article geared towards families who have or are wanting to make the change together. “Can your kids go vegan and still get all their vitamins?” they ask, and of course! It does open with some silliness about how it is trendy and glamorous, name-dropping celebrities, but continues to profile an Irish family who aren’t on the big or small screen.

A Wicklow mother of one, Glauce Lucas, described life after she and her husband had a child together and decided to hold strong with their beliefs. “As both Enrico’s father and I are vegan, it was natural for us to raise him vegan and our families were supportive of that. However, we were living in Rome after he was born and I had to go to four pediatricians before I found one who would support our decision,” she told The Independent. This sounds about right! Many doctors can be incredibly uninformed and ignorant about nutritional needs and how they can be reached from plant sources.

For example, Dr. John Fleetwood rattled off a bit of silliness that is dangerously untrue. “Children need first-class protein for growth and regardless of what the promoters of veganism state, meat is the best source of that protein,” said Fleetwood, after calling veganism dangerous. What’s with the phrase “first class,” and why must it involve the murder of another being? Funny enough, all children in the piece are described as healthy.

“In my experience it is not a snap decision but a lifestyle choice made by parents who are usually very well informed and who put a lot of work into ensuring that their child’s vegan diet is up to scratch,” said dietician Caoimhe McDonald. There’s nothing I love more than a little sense from someone who has made an entire career out of studying nutrition! 

For more information of raising your child vegan, here’s an excellent resource on nutrition.

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  • Mahalet M

    Meat is definitely not the best source of protein!
    If it were, it wouldn’t cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes and so many other illnesses!

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Eating meat isn’t natural for humans. We don’t have fangs and we can’t chase after prey and catch it without using tools and we can’t eat it raw . If we could, I would save a fortune catching my own meals. It’s always good to take your kid to a human doctor and not a veterinarian or zoologist.

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