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Organic Vegan Donuts Take Over LA

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You know what you’ll never hear me say? “You know what we need, less vegan donuts.”

LA cements another vegan food win as Donut Farm opens up it’s fourth location. The Northern California brand has already won over tastebuds in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley since their 2007 conception.

The Daily Trojan reports that they’re the first vegan donut shop in LA, a city that is already overrun with vegan donut options. On top of that, they boast scratch made products that are free from chemical stabilizers and dyes. With premium ingredients like organic cane sugar, soy flour, flax seed and, coconut milk, we’re starting to think donuts ought to be a part of the food pyramid.

“We’re not going to claim that it’s health food, since it’s still a fried doughnut and still sugar, but it is the lesser of two evils, and vegan!” Mack, the head baker, told The Daily Trojan. Not contributing to animal use and leaving a small carbon footprint are to be celebrated right alongside their donuts taste and texture. The team are also cultivating their own yeast, hoping to be self-sufficient in the near future.

With thirty flavours, and plans on expanding the menu, grabbing a dozen seems like an easy choice. Unique offerings like roasted red chilli has our attention, as does the more common salted caramel variety. In store, you can accompany your treat with coffee, juice, or tea. Serious groupies can even purchase merchandise with the brands logo.

As the vegan donut trend grows, so does our appetite.

Photo from This Conscious Life 

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  • miss loser

    I used to be a patron of Donut Farm in Oakland, until the owner blocked me on Twitter when I called him out for exposing himself and sexually harassing me on a webcam by a chat link he posted on the company’s Twitter. When I brought it to Yelp, he had his girlfriend send me multiple harassing messages telling me how I asked for it and had my post removed four times. Josh Levine is a piece of human garbage and a disgrace to the vegan community.

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