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What I Ate Today – Vegan Food Diary #2

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In my quest to show people that vegan eating isn’t the difficult task people assume it to be, I bring you another vegan food diary (find the first here). Check out the easy eating, and entertaining, that I did on Thursday, February 25th.

*Friendly disclaimer: This isn’t dietary advice, it’s just a snapshot of how I eat*

IMG_17298:00am Breakfast

I started my day with one of the internet’s favourite food obsessions – overnight oats. Rolled oats, chia seeds, and non-dairy milk soak together in a container overnight, to provide a raw, pudding-like breakfast. I added a sliced banana and some peanut butter to flavour this one. In the morning, I topped it with a drizzle of warm melted peanut butter, and some maple flakes (solidified and shaved maple syrup). This is the perfect remedy for my sweet tooth, it’s like dessert for breakfast! It’s not as labour intensive as a plate of pancakes with fruit and syrup, either. There’s a sencha, Japanese green tea on the side. I had several cups throughout the day, nursing the end of a cold. 


10:30am Snack

It doesn’t get much easier than opening a bag of cashews. When I’m busy working away, I’ll grab a huge handful and keep them nearby. These ones are raw.


1:00pm Lunch

I cannot resist a great sandwich. This one, a BLT, starts with toasted gluten free bread from O’Doughs. It’s hard to find egg-free gluten free bread that’s not more cracker-like, but this one is fantastic. It’s smeared with some vegenaise, topped with romaine, tomato slices, and coconut bacon. I often make my own, but this is a store brought one called “It’s Not Bacon.” On the side of my sandwich, I snack on homemade fermented green beans. They were what I gifted friends and family this past holiday season, something I was excited to find in the back of my fridge.

IMG_17266:30pm Dinner

Tonight, I was joined by two non-vegan guests for dinner, my sister and a good friend. They’ve both expressed interest in veganism, but have a fondness for cheese. So I did what any good vegan friend would do, and made a giant cheese board that featured five different vegan cheeses. There were leftovers from my Tree Nut Cheeze review, a sample of Sheese, and some Chao slices. I paired them with apples, strawberries, hazelnuts, walnuts, more of my fermented green beans, rhubarb jam, and original Mary’s Gone Crackers. We cleaned the plate! I have a serious soft spot for making meals from snack plates, and was glad to have the company. I was even more excited to hear them exchange comments about how good the cheese one, or how difficult it would be to decipher it from it’s dairy counterparts. We already have plans to go for a vegan dinner out next week. I’ll make vegans of ‘em yet!

IMG_1736Dessert 9:00pm 

When my guests are gone, and the dishes are done, I decide to tuck in to a couple squares of chocolate. This Co-Co Raw Chocolate 76% dark bar is amazing. 

More of my foodie choices can be peeped @eatinworkout.

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  • Peter Long

    I’m interested in vegan eating yet very few people list the amount of protein, carbs, sugar etc in the food they present. For example for your breakfast what is the total amount of protein in it? I find getting the protein my body needs in a a vegan or vegetarian diet is kind of challenging.

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