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Happy National Pig Day!

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It’s National Pig Day. If you’re like me, you didn’t know this until you saw it trending online, but I digress: it’s National Pig Day, and it’s time to fucking celebrate. I think Eliza Berman of Time put it best:

“Adherents to the national holiday find themselves in two distinct camps: those who celebrate by consuming pork products, and those who mark the day by discouraging such consumption.”

Obviously, we’re in the latter camp. After all, pork is not simply “pork,” the meat product created for human consumption, but was once a living being with sentience and a will to live. You’ve likely heard, if you’re a vegan, that pigs are as smart as three year olds, and more intelligent than some dogs. As interesting as that fact is, it has nothing to do with how pigs should be treated, as kindness is owed to, and deserved by, all animals, no matter how intelligent or social they are. You can imagine how pro-agriculture magazines are reporting for National Pig Day, and it’s all the ugly number crunching you can imagine, so let’s throw up our middle fingers to animal abusers and reclaim National Pig Day from an exploitative industry!

What’s the best way to make this Pig Day the best Pig Day ever?   Make National Pig Day your own, and let people know that going vegan is the best way to protect all animals.


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  • Dylan Wentworth

    Would be a good subject to “freeway blog” about.
    I gave up pork 3 years before I cut everything else out. It never sat right with me.

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