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What does Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington eat for mad gains?

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The scrawny vegan is a stereotype Torre Washington is putting to rest.

NOURISH YOUR L.I.F.E! We can nourish our entire body, mind and soul with what the earth provides all while enjoying the journey to becoming our best. Hours upon hours of rigorous work has gone into bringing something into the world that I can feel good about, although it is not the only answer, it is the way that I exist in this universe. With so much gratitude to the amazing team of individuals who assisted in putting this book together, I am infinitely thankful. Hopefully this nutrition guide allows me to share with you how I nourish my body daily. #vegangains #nutrition #basket #fruit #veganmuscle #gq #veggies #vbba #TorreWashington #veganbodybuilding ———– ➡️ My new Nutrition Guide for the Vegan Athlete 🌱🌱link in my bio👀👀🍌🍠🍎👆👆👆👆

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In an article with GQ, the bodybuilder gives his advice for enjoying a vegan diet that won’t hold back from gains in the gym. He starts by supporting carbs first, reminding us that “carbohydrates give you the energy you need. Without them you actually suppress your metabolism.” He recommends getting familiar with Japanese sweet potatoes, which mimic the texture of a white potato, but are sweeter.

Next, he shuts down protein-addicts. “We only need about 35 percent of our calories from protein. When we take in more, we’re eating it just because we feel like we need it.” Torre knows there’s plenty of vegan protein solutions that aren’t powders and tablets.

A more surprising suggestion is to amp up salad intake, to be included at all meals. “I even do a salad sometimes in the morning with my breakfast.” When that’s not appetizing, fruit and veggie smoothies are next on the list.

Lastly, Torre insists the manliest men reach for seitan. Well, he says that setian-beef stew on rice is a great choice since the spices of the stew are most important. Harking back to his Jamaican heritage, which are full of flavourful jerk and curry dishes, vegan diets don’t have to lack flavour.

A vegan since 1998, there’s no denying that Torre has figured out how to eat for his fitness goals while upholding his ethics. The abs do not lie, people.

Photo from Torrewashington.com

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    Regard the comment about needing “only” 35% of calories from protein, that’s clearly a lot of protein! on a 2500 calorie/day diet, that would be about 220 grams of vegan protein.

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