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What makes Super Tuesday so super?

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Welcome to the Hunger Games of the primary election, Super Tuesday. If nobody on your Facebook feed has told you to get out and vote, I’ll be the one to do it: Go vote, people! Other people have literally died for the right to vote, so hop on down to your registered polling place, deal with a few unpleasantries, and make some democracy happen. Well, as best as you can, anyways, calling the United States a democracy isn’t entirely fair.

For those of you who don’t understand the electoral hellscape that is the United States, allow me to explain: instead of votes going directly to your chosen candidate, the results go on to the state delegates who are awarded to the candidates. For the Republican party, some states are winner take all while others are proportional. For the Democratic party, wins are always proportional. In the general election come November, the entire system reaches a new height of “what the fuck?” when the winner-take-all system comes into full swing for the entire shebang.  Nothing like a little voter disenfranchisement to really kick off an election cycle.

So, SUPER TUESDAY. 859 of these electoral votes are up for grabs across eleven states, so the stakes are pretty high here. While the Republican establishment is hoping to edge out the frontrunner (and decidedly non-establishment) Donald Trump with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, I have little faith that this will be the case. Trump’s poll numbers point to a potential eleven state win today, and that’s where my money is (sadly) sitting. Rubio has come after Trump in the last few weeks, attacking his ideas, character, and consistency. It took a long time to start taking Trump head-on, and the efforts could well be too little too late. Bernie Sanders has defied expectations in the Democratic establishment, which has been pushing Hillary to the front and will likely continue to do so, so Sanders fans are watching with bated breath. With southern states decidedly more conservative, it’s all peaches for Clinton below the Mason Dixon. We’ll see how things fare for Sanders up north and in western states.

So, what’s so super about Super Tuesday? Zip- it’s a big ol’ anxiety attack rolled into a single day of voting. May the odds be ever in your chosen candidate’s favor.

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