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Gordon Ramsay says he’s allergic to vegans

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When Gordon Ramsay isn’t yelling on television, he’s quietly insulting vegans on twitters.

Ad Week shared a recent twitter Q+A conversation, where Ramsay was asked what he was allergic to. He promptly responded, “vegans.” This, of course, sparked a full on twitter war. Passionate vegans everywhere took this as an attack (whether or not that was the intention), and attacked back.

I’d like to pose a question to everyone who thinks vegans are sensitive, or easily agitated, and should have taken this as a joke. What if instead of being allergic to vegans, he had answered Jews? Likely, no one would have told a Jewish tweeter who responded to get over themselves. Insulting someone’s belief system shouldn’t be tolerated, whatever those beliefs are. Did Ramsay say it to hurt people? Probably not. But did it? Evidently. 

One response to the whole situation that I love comes from Youtubber Vegan Gains. He points out that we shouldn’t just be upset by his ignorance, but at the hypocrisy of some of his other vegan social media endeavours. Watch his video below, where he shares Ramsay’s experience learning about pig farms. It’s not necessarily that this tweet came from truly hating vegans, but instead was a defence to his own conflict with understanding but still supporting a violent industry. After all, his job relies on it.

What do you think about Gordon Ramsay’s “allergy?”

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  • William Jonathan Brasky

    I’m allergic to all stupid people, not just vegans…

  • Notamiso

    It’s the vegans who don’t respect other’s belief systems, yet demand respect, that irritate me. I have no problems with veganism or vegans in general, it’s proselytizing that I dislike.

  • Keith Jensen

    Really Eva, your going to compare Vegans to Jews? One is a religion and a nationality with at least a couple millennia of history, and Vegans are just a group of people who believe eating animals is wrong. What Gordon said is no different then Lars Ulrich from Metallica saying all Pop music sucks. Dummy!

    • Lalasunflower

      You might enjoy Eva’s article about her being a Jewish vegan.

  • Rave

    I don’t need to serve meat to be a great chef but here I am creating awesome vegan dishes, guess I just challenge myself more then him and decided not to take the easy way out….

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