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Hey meat-eaters, “hormone free” doesn’t mean bullshit free

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Heeeeeey, meat eaters. Thanks for coming here to meet me today for this quick little chat. See, you’re being duped by all sorts of lies in the grocery store lately, and I just wanted to touch base and give you a friendly reminder that labels like “humane” and “natural” are selling points and don’t mean anything. Also, feel free to put “no added hormones” on that arbitrary list when you’re seeing those labels on packages of turkey flesh, chicken flesh, or pork flesh. It’s illegal to sell those animals’ bodies if they’ve had hormones added to them in any way, so it’s just another pretty phrase to convince you to spend a little more money, and thus, feel a little better about your choices. You’re aware though, that even if an animal isn’t falling over from being pumped up with hormones, it’s still being treated cruelly when you pay for it to be murdered, right? Okay, just making sure we’re all on the same wavelength here.

Tech Insider tried tipping you off about it this week about meat product silliness. “…manufacturers can’t add a “no hormones” label on any package of pork or poultry unless it’s accompanied by a disclaimer that says, ‘federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.’ That disclaimer is supposed to prevent confusion. But often, manufacturers will shrink, minimize, or obscure it while blowing up a ‘hormone free’ claim.” See? Just another way to get your cash.

Do note that cow flesh and sheep flesh are allowed to be modified with growth hormones, but the jury is still out on whether or not they’re safe for human consumption. Best not to take any chances though; cut out animal products altogether because with added hormones or none at all, animal exploitation and slaughter is an awful thing to take part in.

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