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Whole Foods Listeria Scare Reminds Us Bad Milk Makes Bad Cheese

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Finding out about pooh in milk, and subsequent recalls, have grossed a lot of people out. Now, it’s time to make the connection between rancid milk and rancid milk products.

Fox 7 reports that Whole Foods in Austin, Texas is recalling a brand of Raw Milk Blue Cheese due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. With it’s fierce smell and blue appearance already a turn off, the contamination was still discovered after testing by the State of Iowa found listeria monocytogenes (bacteria) in two lots of Maytag Dairy Farms products. Maytag has stopped production and distribution while wading through raw milk to find the problem.

Listeria is commonly found in raw products, like milk and cheese, that haven’t been pasteurized. The bacteria is also often found in soil, water, infected animals, and human and animal feces. Like many sicknesses, it will affect the elderly, children, and pregnant women most, sometimes proving fatal. For everyone else, it’s the discomfort of headaches, diarrhea, and wondering why we still buy milk products all.

Luckily in this case, no illnesses have been reported. Whole Foods is issuing full refunds for receipts, and urges people to trash the cheese instead of bringing it in.

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