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Republican nominees sold their souls to Donald Trump at last night’s debate

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Donald Trump may be wreaking havoc upon the Republican Party right now, but last night during the Fox News GOP debate hosted in Michigan, every single candidate standing on stage with him promised to support him if he ends up as the Republican nominee. Marco Rubio seemed almost impassioned as he declared his support for Trump; “I will support the Republican nominee. Yes, I’ll support Donald if he’s the Republican nominee,” before descending into hysterics over how scary Hillary and Bernie are to him. Ted Cruz voiced support because “I gave my word,” and  John Kasich followed up with an almost comical, “Yeah.” This was an uncomfortable shift from the public denouncement of Trump by his own party through both conservative media (just check out the front page of the National Review, I dare you) and by conservative icons. Yes, the Republican nominees did make a public promise to support whoever won the primaries, but after Trump’s failures to denounce the KKK, his inane ramblings about building a wall and mass deportations based on religion, and excitement over war crimes and torture, maybe it’s time to break away from a silly piece of paper. 

With the GOP in a panic over how to save their party, watching the three other nominees onstage publicly pledge to support Trump felt like watching the nails being hammered into the coffin. It came across as downright cowardly, especially after hearing Trump blather on about penis size on live television. Their statements made taking the Republican establishment’s recent mumblings about banding together against Trump look silly and false.

When the question was posed to Trump if he would support the Republican nominee, “It’s the biggest thing that’s happening in politics and I’m very proud to be a part of it and I’m going to give them some credit too, even if they don’t deserve it.” What a good guy.

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  • AlpineDan

    I’m huge Trump fan. He personifies and exposes the Republican base. May Trump win the nomination, lose the general election in a landslide, and turn Congress democratic in the process.

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