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Cattle Ranch Converts to Farm Sanctuary

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Little warms our hearts quite like a non-vegan establishment becoming vegan. So when we heard of a Texas cattle ranch that switched over to a farm sanctuary, we may have a shed a tear (or two).

KBZK shared the story of Renee and the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. What was once her husband Tommy’s Sonnen Ranch, has become a source for change. 

After spending time sitting with and singing to the cows her husband owned, Renee knew veganism was a necessity. But she didn’t let her interaction with the cows remain a single connection, starting a secret blog called the  Vegan Journal of A Rachers Wife.’ On it, she garnered support from fellow vegans worldwide. While most of us have experiences living with meat eaters, it’s a rare and difficult situation to live with, and love, a meat-maker.

When the opposing sides considered ending their marriage over the future of the cows, Tommy agreed to sell his herd. What he didn’t know what that Renee’s followers has raised $30,000 so she could be the buyer. She didn’t just end his business, she started a new one. And we have a hard time convincing our friends to eat vegan for dinner!

As if this feat weren’t enough, she managed to help Tommy reconsider his beliefs. Now, not only is the cattle ranch vegan, the cattle rancher is, too. The pair care for 35 cows, 4 pigs, 6 chickens and 4 horses together.

People interested in getting to know Renee, Tommy, and their vegan family should check out their website, visit, volunteer, or just browse their youtube videos for hours (like I did). 

Photo from Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

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