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Did UFC fighter Nate Diaz have the power of veganism on his side when he beat out Conor McGregor?

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I don’t understand much about mixed martial arts and all this UFC business, but what I do know is that I’m mostly unopposed to a couple of shirtless guys slathered in their own sweat rolling all over each other on television. What I’m an even bigger fan of is when the vegan guy wins out in these contests. On Saturday night, longtime plant based eating athlete Nate Diaz beat out fan favorite Conor McGregor of Ireland at UFC 196 in Las Vegas. Vegas is only one letter away from vegan. Coincidence? I think not.

Diaz has been eating a mostly raw diet for the last few years, but has been on a vegan diet since he was eighteen years old. “I try to eat raw vegan, I’ve been doing that since I was 15, 16-years-old, so I’m used to it. It definitely helps me not feel like shit, you know, and I got to train all week long,” Diaz said in an interview with MMA Digest.

ABC News described the “rear naked choke” that Diaz used to take McGregor out, and the language is just as, um, descriptive as anything else discussing such a fascinatingly named maneuver. After McGregor began to regain some kind of advantage again, “Diaz immediately countered with a guillotine, flipped McGregor over and moved into full mount. McGregor was forced to turn and give up his back, which led to the rear-naked choke and tapout. It is the ninth submission win of Diaz’s UFC career, second most in the promotion’s history.”

Some folks are gonna need a cold shower after that one, and definitely a vegan snack.


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  • Jonas

    Hey check again HE´S NOT VEGAN!!!!!

  • Men can get away w/being Vegan, you can be a Limp Noodle & you wont develope Heart Disease or depression. Women need Animal Fat, we have complex internal engines that are directly linked to our brain & chest. You enjoy your chickpea dip, more Meat for me.

  • Mike Waterman

    He’s not vegan. Hilarious how vegans choose to ignore facts all the time.

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