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Lawmakers lift a ban on raw milk, drink it, and instantly regret it

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In the famous words of Ron Burgundy, milk was a bad choice.

Alternet reports that a group of West Virginia lawmakers put forth a bill to allow resident’s of the state to legally buy raw milk. The team then celebrated with the controversial beverage, only to fall ill.

One of these bed-ridden delegates is Pat McGeehan, who is trying to pass his illness off on a stomach bug. “There’s definitely…some other colleagues that have similar symptoms that I’ve been experiencing,” McGeehan told WSAZ news, in a bizarre interview where he’s conked out on a couch. You’ve gotta admit, the timing is pretty kismet.

Several lawmakers blame the bills sponsor, Scott Cadle (R – Mason, 13), who poured everyone a cool glass to celebrate having made it possible for others to do the same. With the ban lifting 90 days following the passing of the bill, however, investigators are trying to determine if these sick delegates broke the rules. Tummy aches might not be all they face.

The unpasteurized product is known for creating a stir in the health communities, with some touting it’s higher nutritional content, and others saying “no thanks” to the higher levels of dangerous bacteria and parasites. The lifted ban doesn’t really legalize selling raw milk, it still requires people own shares in a cow, and give a signed statement saying they understand the risks involved in getting their dairy straight from the teet. Seems like a lot of work for a really bad baby-cow-cocktail.

We hope these lawmakers make a full recovery, and discover what dairy free milk can do for them instead.

Photo from FFpress

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