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Is Jon Stewart finally going vegan?!

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Is it FINALLY happening?! Might Jon Stewart be making the vegan commitment we’ve all been keeping our fingers crossed for? Since leaving The Daily Show, Jon and Tracey Stewart have partnered with Farm Sanctuary and inched into animal advocacy, but as far as we knew, Jon still had the most important step of all to take: walking the walk, talking the talk, and going vegan- for good. There’s been a lot of talk about transitions and whatnot surrounding Jon Stewart’s recent animal activist adventures, and we’ve been waiting with bated breath for him to finally stand up for the absolute best way to help animals and save them from harm with an entirely vegan lifestyle.

The Herbivorous Butcher, the Minneapolis, Minnesota based vegan butcher making headlines all winter, published a photo of Stewart sampling some of their fine goods, with the following comment on their Facebook: 

We reached out to Jon Stewart to ask him to participate in a 30 day vegan challenge. He responded that living with his wife, Tracey, means he lives the vegan challenge everyday. He also says that eating Herbivorous Butcher’s products is in no way a challenge…a huge thumbs up!!!!!


I’m hoping that these 30 Day Vegan challenges turn into a Lifelong Vegan “challenge” just as hard as I’m hoping Jon has taken the latter himself. Having a vegan wife is badass because of all the amazing food one gets to eat, but we know Jon is capable of being a vegan regardless of who he lives with. It’s true, tasty food + an ethical lifestyle that is built upon doing no harm to any sentient being is the way to go, and it’s literally never been easier than it is at this very moment. With all this free time on his hands, Jon can buy all the fancy cashew cheeses and mock meats his heart desires.

Big ups, Jon, you got this. Go vegan, if you haven’t already!

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