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Seth Rogan’s “Sausage Party” misses the part where sausage comes from living beings

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Stop what you’re doing, everyone. Seth Rogan is doing something edgy. There’s even sex and swearing involved.

Oh, do I sound bored already?

The super-raunchy “OMG did they just say that” trailer for Sausage Party came out yesterday, an animated film directed by a bunch of edgy dude-bros from Hollywood about sausages. Sausages that talk, have feelings, have sex, and contain emotions. After being picked up from the supermarket, a bunch of meat products (and some veggies for good measure, I suppose) go home with a seemingly nice lady and discover that they’re to be used for food and decide to escape.


Sounds weirdly familiar, right? What else has emotion, can feel fear, doesn’t want to be slaughtered and is capable of forming relationships? Sentient animals, where these meat products come from. I’m all for inanimate objects talking, but the fact that meat comes from animals just screams PLOT HOLE to me, and I find the entire concept to be super unsettling and reflective of the way we treat living animals. I’m not offended as much as I’m rolling my eyes into the back of my skull. I’m sure bacon fetishists everywhere will love Sausage Party, and will likely enjoy the rumored meat-sex scene.

Fucking weirdos, man. All of them.

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