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Now you too can eat a vegan donut that shows Donald Trump being punched in the face

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Listen, vegans are assumed oftentimes to be a little crunchy, and as kumbaya as it gets. Say it ain’t so!  Now, you too can get yourself a “Punch Trump” donut at the Cinnamon Snail in New York City. The donut boasts a gorgeous glaze depicting GOP frontrunner and joke of a human being Donald Trump getting the tar smacked out of him. I don’t advocate violence… usually, but hey, the donut looks tasty, Donald Trump is the human equivalent of a yeast infection that just won’t go away, and best of all? The donuts are 100% vegan!


The donuts run at $9 each, but it’s well worth it to own the exquisite detail and artistry that has gone into decorating a pastry that celebrates some major Trump pwnage. The Gothamist reports that profits will be donated to the New York Immigration Coalition, so you can feel even better while admiring such a beautiful treat. Just like a snowflake, it appears that each donut is a little different, and is truly a creation of a higher, more intelligent, and loving power.  Hell, put the donut in the fucking MoMA. It would be well deserved.

As for flavor, the treat boasts a lemon curd filling and a lemon-y flavor to the glaze and icing, but we doubt you’ll feel all that sour while eating one.

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