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The future of dairy looks “bleak,” but animal slaughter is at a record high

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When many Americans think of Wisconsin, they think of dairy and cheese. No offense meant to Wisconsin residents- that’s just how it is, especially when your football team fans choose to wear big chunks of fake cheese on their heads to show team pride. Recently, a dairy farmer based out of Westby, Wisconsin, called this year’s dairy production “bleak at best” due to plummeting dairy prices around the world.

Before we get too excited, the La Crosse Tribune also reported the following of disappointing news: “Total U.S. meat and poultry production is expected to reach a record high of 97 billion pounds in 2016, as production of beef, pork, broilers and turkeys all increase, according to projections made Feb. 25 at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual Agricultural Outlook Forum.” On the dairy front, it also appears that the poor prices are mainly due to exporting products to countries such as Russia and China, who are no longer the big buyers of American dairy then they once were. China’s buying has dropped their buying by half, while Russia isn’t importing any products at all, due to the current political climate between Russia and the United States.

Perhaps the combination of a chilly global trade market for farmers coupled with public promotion for veganism will kick off a more aggressive decline for animal agriculture. Unfortunately, economic troubles from continents away aren’t enough to break down industries and cultural norms, as we can see how high animal slaughter is projected to be this upcoming year. We must continue to promote veganism as a moral issue to truly make a substantial cultural difference.

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