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Animal Welfare Group Thinks Eating Chickens Is Fine

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An animal welfare organization in the Netherlands doesn’t want you to stop eating chickens, they just want you to buy into the “humane” meat lie.

NL Times reports that the group, WakkerDier, have launched a campaign to encourage restaurants to make menus battery farm chicken free. The team are calling on diners to be “extra critical” when eating chicken, but not to stop eating it.

They suggest “reading the menu and asking staff questions about the chicken,” so chicken purveyors can feel in some way pressured to care about the comfort of the animals they serve before they pay to slaughter them. If you find out your favourite menu contains battery farm raised chicken, WakkerDier wants you to address it in a friendly matter, by leaving a note on your table or taking to social media. They’ve even made cards to leave out (that they’ll mail to you), to take the guess work out for other “activists” who “care” about chickens.

Okay, so I’m not hiding the fact I find this ridiculous. When we focus on the treatment of animals and not the use, we encourage their continued use. In this case, for every restaurant that’s bullied in to serving cage-free chickens, there’s another that pats themselves on the back for already doing so. In the end, we still have two restaurants serving chicken. Single-issue campaigns don’t work.

The only way to care about chickens, is to stop eating them. There is no humane way to raise, use, slaughter, or eat them. I’d be great to see WakkerDier more interested in vegan education, and the eradication of chicken from people’s plates altogether.

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  • Laurie

    Right on.

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