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Great, now CNN wants people to think some vegans eat eggs

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This whole “vegans” eating eggs phenomena has got to stop.

A few months back, the term “veggan” was coined and lots of people argued for and against it. It took until today for CNN to jump on board, but it’s the final straw for this vegan.

What started as an Instagram hashtag has blossomed in to full-blown, highly-publicized load of crap. Not unlike the term plant-based hijacking the vegan movement, this ovo-vegetarian misnomer is being publicized to the point of further vegan confusion. In this CNN piece, a women named Kristin Deiss is interviewed about her choices, citing taste as motivation for keeping “cruelty-free” eggs in her diet. The author claims that individuals choose to include eggs in their “vegan diet” for a variety of reasons, from “wanting to supplement their diet with additional protein to convenience to the fact that, like Deiss, they just really like eggs.” Veganism is, and has never been about abstaining from eating things we don’t like for reasons of health or taste. It’s not a diet! It’s impossible to in one breath say you’re vegan and believe in freedom for all living beings, and in another, to say eggs are great so it’s fine if hens and chicks die for your satiety.

Look, if you’re on Ecorazzi, chances are you already know there is no such thing as a vegan who includes eggs in to their diet. But what impact does this have on readers who are already unaware of the vegan lifestyle? It makes it so attending a family dinner isn’t just going to bring about the “do you eat fish” conversation, but the curiosity around why a vegan would or wouldn’t eat eggs (even though eating eggs immediately makes you non-vegan).

The article continues by talking about the “holes” in a vegan diet, like protein, B12, and all the other nutrient and macro misconceptions that people never consider can be unbalanced in a non-vegan diet, too. On top of that, the CNN author calls anyone against the inclusion of eggs “purist,” another stereotype we didn’t need any furthering of.

If vegan education is to be effective, what makes a vegan has to remain crystal clear (like veganism as a moral baseline,cfor example). Since Donald Watson’s coining of the term in 1944, it’s always been the complete removal (to what’s possible and practical) of all forms of exploitation of animals. In no way does wanting the taste or nutrients of an egg make eating one an exception to these guidelines, as it’s entirely practical and possible to avoid them. We are living in the age of substitute abundance!

If you’re going to eat eggs, but continue to avoid all other animals products, don’t use the word veggan, and definitely stop calling yourself a vegan. Either you participate in animal exploitation willingly, or you don’t. And if you get a chance, correct others when they make this mistake, too. When a major news outlet decides to belittle a movement to a flexible diet, you can forgive this vegan for speaking up. 

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  • tommymato

    I’m totally with the author on this. No doubt the meat and dairy industry benefit from sowing confusion about what the term vegan means. So, hands off the term ‘vegan’ – it has a specific meaning. As for silly confusing words like veggan, there’s already a word for that; it’s called vegetarian.

  • As Donald Watson himself wrote in spring 1947, “Will readers kindly note that the word “Vegan” should be pronounced veegan, with the stress on the first syllable and “g” as in “go.” Remember, there’s nothing vague about

  • Phillip Steck

    Let’s make It Crystal Clear: First and Foremost; Veganism is #1 An “Anti-Oppression Politics.” Veganism is a “Social Justice Movement.” That’s it! Everything else is piddling, “playing a second fiddle.” Diet is a minor role in Veganism, negligible at best. There is no gray area in Veganism, it’s black and white, your either Vegan or your not, It’s that simple. When it comes to “food consumption” if a person consumes; eggs, dairy, meats or honey they’re “not” vegan.

  • Señorita_Sofía

    So frustrating when people do silly things like that!

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