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FDA pulls popular cancer-causing drug used on pigs

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Morning Ticker reports that carbadox, a veterinary drug used to cure dysentery and bacterial enteritis in pigs, has lost it’s FDA approval because of it’s potential to cause cancer in the humans that ingest it.

Gaining approval back in 1972, the FDA has now said that the Phibro Animal Health product leaves a dangerous carcinogenic residue behind, especially in a pig’s liver. Phibro officials are fighting that the product is safe, disagreeing with the FDA’s decision. The only argument they have, however, it that it’s been widely used for 40 years. The drug is also used for weight gain and feed efficiency in pigs, which could explain the backlash to removing it.

“The manufacturer of carbadox has failed to provide sufficient scientific data to demonstrate the safety of this drug given evidence that carbadox may result in carcinogenic residues,” Michael R. Taylor, FDA deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine, said in a statement. 

Before believing that the FDA does what’s in the best interest of people’s health only, they have not recommend that people make changes in the diet while they take legal action against carbadox. They claim the effects are based on long-term consumption of pork, as if 40 years isn’t that long. With focus on the pig’s liver looking to minimize the insecurity of consumers, it’s important to remember that it’s part of hot dogs, lunchmeat, and a variety of sausages. 

The FDA already has alternative antibiotics for pork producers, so the only way to be sure you’re not swallowing any of these drugs is to cut pork and all other animal products out. Going vegan means ending the use of animals altogether, eliminating the need for lawsuits around which drugs to force on animals and the humans that eat them.

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